Summer Series: efy

So I was in Hawaii,
which was an adventure in and of itself,
when I received an e-mail from efy.
efy=especially for youth=church summer camp=favorite part of my adolescence.

I had applied earlier in the summer, but as life would have it...
It didn't work out.

The email told me they had openings for a few sessions the following week, and I shot back an "I'm free"
Three days later, an overnight flight home, church, and an all-nighter to get ready.
I was at efy.
Everyone had been a counselor before.
I was the complete and total newbie, and had no idea what I was doing.
I was placed with the largest group of girls.
My boss transferred her niece to my group,
so I felt like all eyes were on me...
the rookie.
I was a hot mess,
sick from my all-nighter,
but trusting that the Lord had my back.
Oh, and faking it until I made it.

That week was a God-sent little blessing.
I needed it.

I needed to refocus, and get my mind out of the mess it was in.
The only way I've learned to do that is to take the focus off the little circle that is me.
Not a moment of the whole experience was about me, and it was exactly what I needed.




So I lost myself in the sounds of my kiddos calls for Mama TayTay,
and loved every minute of doing so.

Love Always,
A mama of 24 little ducklings,
Mama TayTay


Summer Series: the summer I had a fling with motorcycles

I don't know how it happened...
but this summer I had a real thing for motorcycles, apparently.
It started spring semester when my roommate was dating a boy.
Him and his roommate owned motorcycles.
I was single.
So we formed a motorcyle gang, the four of us.
Then so happened that they left for summer,
and another friend needed a girl to ride on the back. 

Oh wait, I could probably help you out with that one... you know?

And yet another friend came in town from Boston and I got the text,
"how about a motorcycle ride up the canyon, lunch, and the best ice cream you'll ever have?"
I said no. 
whaaaaaattttt. jokes. 
How could I possibly refuse that.
 [thus all the pictures. i LOVE the drive to Park City]

Then I went home, and I was sure my adventures were over. 
But fate would have it otherwise, 
I was about to have my best one yet.
I got asked if by a friend if I wanted to take an adventure...
but wasn't allowed to ask questions. 
Take it or leave it. 
And hallelujah I took it.
 Not only was it one of the best adventures I had all summer...
but completed my motorcycle adventures for a while.





you know, I'm not really sure I would want my husband to have a motorcycle 
if we're being really honest here...
but I sure don't mind someone else's future husband giving me a ride. 
The combination of slight danger and wind in your face....
Doesn't get much better than that.

I had a thing with more motorcycles than boys this summer. 
Go figure.