tonight it snowed. 
and it was decided it's not allowed to snow when it's almost May.
unless it's this kind of snow.
and you get to have a serendipity moment.
then it's quite alright. 


spring term is happy term.

Spring term is absolutely fabulous.
Today I rode my bike home from school 
with a big satchel over my shoulder 
and a flower peeking out the side. 
and the wind blowing in my hair.
Tell me that doesn't scream spring.
So what is being done with these beautiful days?
Well, a sister date had to happen... naturally....
with cutie mini sodas
and cupcakes
[from our favorite shop]
and bites so big they leave lipstick on your chin
and all kinds of late night adventureswith wonderful friends 
are happening all the time.

Now, I will fall asleep to raindrops. 
Goodnight world.

oh, aaaand.....
April, I know you're allowed to bring showers 
[for the whole May flowers thing....]
but you only have two more days. 
get it over with and let the sun come back.



Since we didn't really have a break.
(2 days off does not equal a break...)
I am taking a nap.
and since I had to read Biology
(if you ever think to do that for fun...don't)
I read outside in the sunshine. 

I feel justified in pretending that I'm on summer break.
At least half the time.



good kind of day

Yesterday started with a clean room
 had a few handfuls of Easter candy in between
 and found me $2 movies at DI.
I'd mark that off as a major success.



so I'm back from my sabbatical...

Spring semester may be here, but spring is far from my mind. I wore a full jacket and boots today. Yes, they are my favorite boots, but I may-or-may-not-have worn them nearly every day this winter... so I'm ready for a change. Sandal weather, I'm ready for you.
But on to spring semester. You may think I've made a mistake, but no! I am not lying to you when I say that school has already started again. A mere Friday+Monday was the extent of my break. And I digress... I sat in class today and learned about flowers. Yes I did. My teacher is darling. and hilarious. And somehow, even though I just ranted about the shortness of my break, I feel ready to take on a new semester. In fact, I feel ready to take on the world. 
But mostly I'm just so grateful today. I'm grateful for the happiness that is my life.  I'm grateful for the clean, cute space that is my room. I'm grateful for the happy and wonderful bunch that I have the privilege to call family. I'm grateful for BYU and the spirit of happiness that permeates everything around (even if it is freezing outside), I could go on for days, but today I'm just grateful for the general splendor of life. Sometimes I just like to sit back and take it in.
To sum it up: hating the weather. loving the life.
and on a different note, remember how once upon a time.... I took a trip over to Bijou Market? 
well, now I'm finally getting around to showing you the treasures I found.
(I know it was weeks ago.. but finals, family, graduations, and goodbyes have taken up my time and attention...give a girl a break)

treasure #1.
a darling skirt

treasure #2
a necklace.

so, this necklace....
I've seen it before, and wanted to get it then,
but for various reasons... I didn't.
well thank heaven for second chances, right?
because there it was again, and this time I went right ahead.
I love the design. the delicate crane and simple rose.
but I also love that it reminds me of people that really care.
Because sometimes we all need reminders that someone cares.
Because don't forget, somebody always does.


the life of my new hair.

so today I will let you into the life of my new hair. 
whoever on this earth thinks that short hair is no fun... think again.
it can do so much more than you think!
 Sometimes it's relatively calm.
 Sometimes it's kinda flippy, but just on one side.
 Sometimes I help it be curly (or maybe we should be honest with ourselves and classify that as messy...).
and sometimes now... it rocks a headband :)

So that's me, having fun with with change.

Until finals are over,



So, once upon a time I came to the realization that you don't have to be mature in every way to be a grown up. In fact, you're totally allowed to have fun. No matter what. I've heard the President of my University chuckle at a slightly inappropriate slip (crap....said out loud... at a fancy luncheon...on a microphone), and crack a joke or two himself. I have a sister and brother-in-law who speak in silly voices to each other and dance and giggle. President Holland flashed a peace sign at the crowd during general conference no more than a few weeks ago, and my dad loves watching movies like hot rod and napoleon dynamite.

Dear life, I think I'm almost ready to be a grown up.

I'm just not ready to be completely serious.

Hope that's ok with you.


Lately I've been changing my background like I change my clothes.
that means often.
(Now if I said as often as I wash my hair on the other hand.....that would not be so often.)

Why am I so restless? 
No idea. 

favorite text messages for the week. 

"Lookin good in your sporty car :)"

"I'm enlightened"

"i dnt bet i can..ibet i will" 

I promise I'll be a better blogger when I am done with finals :) Which should be soon. 



Need a new favorite treat?

I had to make treats for class this week. 
But literally did not have the time. 
So this.... this is what happened. 
Doesn't need to bake. 
Very few ingredients. All thrown into one pot. 
You are automatically popular when you walk around offering this to people.
and you can make it all while you are on the phone with your mother :)

There is nothing healthy about this recipe, but it's dang good.
Be careful though, you may find your fingers creeping back into the bowl for more.
over. and over. and over.
one final and three reviews down. 
3 finals to go.
I can do that :)


joy of procrastination.

I could have finished a whole abs class by now.
But instead I'm blog stalking and watching a funny clip on procrastination.
yes, while I'm procrastinating.
But in all actuality procrastination can be traced to most bad things. Common examples:
I can study later.
I can exercise later.
I can write that thank you note later.
I will be better when I have more time.
I will read that book when I have time.
Someday I will shoot for the stars, but today I'm ok being average.
How many of these sound familiar?
Fun fact, life doesn't get easier or less time consuming. And speaking of time consuming activities....
Finals are coming! But surprisingly, I'm not in a panic. Check with me again in a week or so and I'll let you know how I'm holding up. Actually, I should be done with my finals in a week. Yes. So Check with me on Monday night. 

Favorite moment of the day-
President Samuelson and I had a chat today. A legit, two minute chat. Grabbed my shoulder and we talked about how we shouldn't stress about finals. Study hard, but there's no need to stress out of your mind. I guess when you hear that from the President of your university, you should listen, right?

Quote of the day-
"I just look at it this way, if you have great hair you
have great hair. Length isn't so much an issue as lusciousness. And
you my dear have luscious hair."

Book for the summer book list-
Mere Christianity by C.S. Lewis
I love him already.
Can't wait.


wet floor.

One time it was raining outside. 
and this little treasure was sitting on the sidewalk.
Yes, you are correct.... it is wet.
this is how you know Heavenly Father has a sense of humor. 


good days.

Some days are good :)

Like today. 
I got and A on both my spanish oral exam and my last accounting quiz.

went to Bijou Market with Jess and Kasee .
bought some darling items that you will see pictures of when I have natural lighting.
(my apartment somehow has the worst lighting on planet earth...really)

then, I won a blog giveaway!
clutch and headband. you will know when they get here.

Made a playlist of fabulous music for pottery-making tomorrow.
mmmmm. yep.

and now I will write in my journal, read No Doubt About It, finish a letter.
and lay my head down to dream happy dreams.

think back on your day and remember all the happy things.
there's always at least one. sometimes more... :)



musically minded.

One time a song came on the radio.
And I got chills.

Is it normal to have a mind that knows almost every word to every song on my ipod? Or that can remember exact situations where I listened to songs and how I was feeling? It's funny... because I'm not musically talented. No sir. I apparently waited in other lines for other things in Heaven. But what on earth was I thinking? Because I sure as heck love it.

I also sing. Out loud. and by out loud, I mean you probably won't catch me whispering songs in my car. No, no, I sing them out loud. and sometimes in everyone elses cars too, although I know that's embarrassing. It just happens. I can't help it.

Here's some songs I've loved as of late.
Country music... so good.

this one.

& this one.

& this one. 

& this one.

oh, & this one too.



1. I went to get mountain dew with my roommate at 11pm. [sue me] need some creepy men in your life? stop by the 7-11 around this time of night. winners, for real.
2. Turned in a quiz due at midnight... at 11:55. still failed. accounting, why do you hate me so? never fear,  our relationship will expire in about a week.
3. Had my awesome TA help correct my paper... what an angel, she just boosted my grade 20%.
4. Wrote some more marriage insights for another paper.
5. Got asked on a date... when I already had one. shoot. why does that happen during finals? or maybe it's the fact they all got reprimanded this weekend. either way. come on children.
6. went on top of the SWKT. sweet view of all of Provo? nobody gets to go up there? yes and yes.
7. skipped my first class? yep. don't you worry, today marks my limit of absences before my grade is affected. free absence? that happened.
8. Learned some Paso Doble. Where the boys are supposed to be like bullfighters. welcome to my life.
9. Have I caught myself saying "good gracious" approximately 10 times today? Affirmative. Why? Literally no idea. Whatsoever.
10. Watched La Misma Luna. Was also informed by the man at blockbuster that people in America call it Under the Same Moon. Ok, it's in spanish... so if you don't know what "La Misma Luna" means, you probably aren't going to catch much. or watch it for that matter.
11. It's 12:30 and I still have three assignments to do. love school. love love love love.


Having fun. assignment style

Sometimes my teachers give "having fun" assignments and I take a drive to the mountains. 
Best. thing. ever.
I love photography. 
There are so many things you can learn from it.
For instance there are things you can't see when you're lens is focused on something else.
Sometimes, are we focused on something else and missing what's in front of us?
Is there something  that we can't see because we are choosing not to?

Just food for thought :)



tribute to birks.


I love my birks.
They were one of those golden deals at DI. 
Brand New. five dollars...
And I wore them like they were going out of style. 
They were my signature item. 
Everyday of summer....
and as long as my toes could stand through fall.
When my luggage was lost in a foreign country for five days, 
we hiked mountains together. 
When I needed something quick to slip on [that matched anything], 
they were there. 
When I was a counselor at summer camp?
I wore them everyday. 
It used to be that my best friends mom was the only person I knew who could wear birkenstocks. She also had hair down to her hips and didn't shave her legs. And I loved her [still do], but I never thought I would adopt some of her style. I had a freshman tell me this year, "I didn't know anybody but my mom wore birkenstocks" well, surprise! 
They are wonderful. 
Now, unfortunately, I must bid them farewell. 
I've gorilla glued them as many times as they can stand. 
[no, but really, I have gorilla glued them]
So maybe someday I'll save up enough for a new pair. 
Preferably before summer. 
actually that's not an option. 
it's a MUST.

Until next time I'll be here, loving my James Morrison pandora playlist.
You should make yourself one.

oh, and ps.....
reason 548 why I love my new hair.
I did not have to wash or brush it this morning.


On being bold

I had long hair.
Then one time I was bold.
And I chopped it off.
I didn't tell people.... 
because I didn't want to make a big to-do.
but I think sometimes we have to do bold things. 
Things we want to do. 
Hair can be like this safety blanket.
The only hesitation I think I had was because... it was just that. 
It was something people thought was beautiful about me. 
And they told me so. 
And cutting it off... I risked losing that.
But I think sometimes we just risk things. 
Make ourselves a little more vulnerable. 
Go out on a limb.
And it will be ok. 
We will be better off for it :)
Be a little bit more you, 
and a little bit less scared.

And I took mirror pictures to capture every angle.
For you. and my mom. and my grandma.
and because it's fun sometimes.

So here's to being bold. 
And making decisions for no one but you.

Tomorrow at 10AM and 2PM my time 
is general conference.
and Sunday too.
if only for a minute. 
prophets still speak. 
i know they do.

have a wonderful, wonderful, happy day :)