Birthdays are the best thing. ever.

Yesterday was such an exciting day!
You see, we had the chance to celebrate my sister's birthday.
But.. I mean.. she is sooo incredibly cute,
and thus celebrating her being on this earth for 23 years is nearly as fabulous as she is!
So, for her 23rd birthday I feel like a list would be appropriate.


23 Things for my Best Friend's 23rd Birthday:
1-We eat cupcakes together. [only Sweet Tooth Fairy though...]
2- She makes me Sunday dinners at her house.
3- She has the ability to make me feel beautiful when nothing else can.
4- She loves to cook, and experiment with said cooking.
5-She has quite the silly side.
6- She has a love for anything vintage.
7-She also has great taste for expensive things, and knows how to work a budget.
8- She has quite the sense of honesty. [is blunt the word?]
9- She somehow pulls off whatever the heck she wants.
10- She wears heels with socks.
11- She is a kindred spirit to Audrey Hepburn.
12- She has the cutest marriage ever with her hubby.
13-She rocks the orange lipstick-- who else does that? [or rather does it well?]
14- We share a love for old movies.
15- We share passion for food. all food.
16-She has great freckles.
17- Her fashion confidence is ever growing.
18- She is quite mischievous.
19- She has my back.... no matter what. [to the point of assassination]
20- She is often compared to Mary Poppins.
21-...cutest kindergarten teacher. ever.
22-She is crafty.
23- She is my bestest bestest friend. yep.

I can't wait until I tell you about her surprise party :)

Love Always,
Taylor Ann


kylee said...

birthdays are theeee best. happy birthday to your sister!

anna said...

darling post. darling photos.

Jessica Holly said...

um...tears in my eyes. Love you best friend!

Jessica Holly said...

P.S. Some of those photos are real gems :)

Erin Collins said...

I love all those things about Jess as well!!