Hello Cancun

Spring term is over.
Which means finals are over.
Which means business law is OVER.
Which means I went home to Coarsegold for a week.
Which means I got to spend time with the preggers before she leaves for Boston.
Which all has made me very happy.
All of which was wonderful.

Now I'm in Mexico.
And it's even better.

I literally have nothing to do except whatever it is I feel.
Yesterday after a run and good solid workout at a lovely hole-in-the-wall Mexican gym,
I joined my mom and my sister on the beach.
I had a book in my hand [because how could you sit in a chair for hours and do nothing?] and got through only 7 pages.
Then I had the thought- I have the option to literally do nothing right now.
I don't know how long it's been since that has been an option. 

So I did.
I watched the kids play in crystal clear water and enjoyed the breeze.
Then I turned over on my belly and laid there in silence until I fell asleep.

The only bad thing that could happen here is a sunburn.
And let's be real- considering the circumstances, that's not all that bad.


Missing you from Mexico...
But probably not.

Taylor Ann

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I belong to dreams and stories in my mind

[disclaimer: I have dropped off the face of the earth, I know it. It started with frequent adventures at 1 in the morning, then finals, now home... where I eat tacos and ice cream and lay out with my family instead of blog. judge me, but it's secretly so fun. not secretly if i share it on the internet like this, but whatever. and I started this post about a month ago, and just finished. how people EVER write books is beyond me- i can't finish a dang blog post]

This post is dedicated to Brooke. 
Homegirl is this feisty ball of wonderful,
and that is really a pretty solid overall description.

I remember when I left for college, my mom asked,
"what am I gonna do without you?"
you would think oh... so sweet! but ehhhh mostly it was kind of like a cry for help
The question had nothing to do with my relationship with my mom, we made it just fine when I left.
[or better.. did any of you get closer to your mom when you left for college? I think maybe it's universal...]
It was about my relationship with Brooke.
You see, with lots of personality and sense of humor comes a little...feisty.
I somehow was just the right amount of ridiculous
to get littleone out of those funks that came with the fiesty.
And thus we bonded- me and all my ridiculousness, and Brooke and her sass.

When I was about to leave for college, [and by about... I mean months and months in advance]
and babygirl realized I would not live at home anymore, she moved in.
And by moved in, she slept in my bed every single night for probably 8 months.
When I was out for the night, she would leave notes on my pillow...
and often try to spoon me upon my arrival home.
When I was in for the night,
she would never complain about the lights being on when I needed to be up,
she just cuddled up and went to bed there anyways.

So that's about us. Pretty simply put- we love each other. She's dang cool.
When I came home a few times back, both Jess and I were shocked.
Brooke, who is our baby, was no longer a baby.
She had rounded some kind of invisible corner from little girl to young woman.
Ahhhhghghh. what?!
Little did I know there was more where that came from.
I got asked if she was my little sister the other day
[what?! I have 8 years on her! now I know how it feels, jess...]
aka she is lookin' old these days.
Which I guess kind of makes sense, because she graduated from 8th grade a few weeks back!
Which is the point of this post..... which I haven't gotten to until now.

So, without further ado, I will let you look at pictures...
which will subsequently prove my point about her looking so old.

[lookin like a babe these days, right?]

To my baby girl,
high school is wonderful.
It's a time in life when you honestly can do anything and everything...
and all at the same time.
As with most things in life, it will be what you make it.
And you will get out of it what you put in.
Be kind and be genuine....people will love you as they always have.
If girls pretend like they don't, just be a little sad for them.
For they have sorely missed out on having a friend like you.
But mostly, know there is a big sister in Utah who loves you more than most.
Thanks for being my friend, and loving me unconditionally, sweet girl.
You're gonna be great.



Goodbye little brother, no wait... come here!

Little brother is the best.
The absolute, absolute best.
He is funny, and kind, and takes life serious enough... but never too serious.
He graduated high school this last week.
His graduation was filled with robes, gold chains, a speech... the works.
Every little girls eyes are riveted when this boy is around,
and mama's heart brims with pride and joy.
I, for one, am a very proud sister on account of this boy.
And we'll forgive him for not being able to take a serious picture for his life these days,
for such is the life of a seventeen year old boy.




Look out BYU.... he's coming this fall! 
Soooo much quality bonding to be done for he and I.
So many poor girls hearts to capture.

Taylor Ann


The best part of it all

I walked in last night at an ungodly hour.
It was around 3 in the morning...when no person should be awake.
So, naturally, nobody was.

I walked into mom's room to tell her we got home safely and crawled into her bed for a second.
She held my head in one hand, and rubbed my back with the other.
She told me how glad she was that I was home, and I remembered why home is the closest place to heaven.

Then I went and crawled into Brooke's bed to inform her of the same thing.
She wasn't coherent at first, but put her arm around me, as is customary for her to do to whatever object happens to be in her bed...
But when I gently told her again that it was me,
she immediately put both her arms around my neck, and held me tightly until i silently slid away to my own room.

I sat in my room for a while in those early morning hours, just being grateful for all the people I have.
I went out on the balcony and felt the wind on my face,
I teared up in happiness fo being back in the company of people who will love me forever,
Inside and out.
Mistake after mistake.
Imperfect, silly little me.
They don't care.
But you know what the best part is?
When I'm around them I don't care either.


Happy to be home again.

 Taylor Ann