One of those...

Dear phonealarmclock,
You are the bane of my existence.
I never wake up on time when I rely on you.
Literally. Am I the only one without enough self discipline to get up when I want to?

So what has been happening lately?
Well, currently I'm sitting in the library. My mind is too bogged down to write my paper.

Last night my car got towed. I have to pay $175 dollars to get it back. That's a lot of Christmas gifts.
This morning I didn't wake up on time. like every other day of my life.
On my way to class (20 minutes late) I fell up the stairs. hard.
And forgot to read for my New Testament class.
And forgot my paper I needed to turn in.
...and my lunch. 

My mom said, "when it rains it pours"
And assured me I could break down when I get to Winnemucca this weekend.
I'm planning on it.

Jenna somehow could tell, and reminded me that cute sweater weather is here.
I appreciate her.

Then the devotional was on being pruned.
And how it's good for you and in the end will make you better.
And a beautiful young lady passed on.
And I reset. And realized that I'm ok.

And tender mercy... snow is here.

Appreciate what you have. No matter how hard it seems.
Sometimes it is easy. Other times it's not.



Beauty of life.

Everything relates. Every story worth telling has a hero. In the Bible it's Christ. In my life it is still Christ.

He walked and talked, but have you ever noticed he didn't just say to people "I am the Savior. worship me." At least not outright.  He preached and taught (why some still think he was only a prophet) and for some people, it was plain for them to see and recognize that he was the Savior. But for most... they knew of Him. They had heard of His glory, but they had to find for themselves that he was their Savior.

Example, the woman at the well. He let her ask questions until she figured it out.

We too must ask questions, he will answer them. And as he did then, he still does now....he might answer in riddles. He may ask us questions in return. Because how often do we ask Him questions we already know the answer too?

He is eternal. and the same today as forever. We have to come to know Him ourselves.

Just a thought.


fall into happiness

one day... jess and I decided to get together and it may have turned into a little bit of a photo shoot. 
because who doesn't love taking pictures in the park?
she had to be inspired for her outfit. 
i had to make her be inspired for mine too.
(who knew the style genes could be so unevenly distributed?)

so we went. 

we played with fall leaves. 

and took photos in black and white. 

 we wore hats
and played like homework would never come.

 we might have even whipped out my tripod for some sister pictures

Then where did we go? 
Our favorite place!

it just seemed to fit the occasion. 
and, as always, she made me finish hers along with mine. 

i ask if she wants me to gain weight.
she looks at me with puppy dog eyes and says she is just too full.
i tell her "i hiked this morning"... and proceed to eat it. 
someday I'll learn to resist her. but not today. 
probably not tomorrow either if we're being honest here. 

that's just us though. 

i'm vanilla.

and she's chocolate. 

in fact, very different. 
but complimentary. 
and essentially, we're made from the same stuff. 
we go well together :)

"Stressed spelled backwards is desserts.  
Coincidence?  I think not!"
-author anonymous


This morning the plan was to get up early.

Go to the temple.
Hike the Y.
& do homework.

All before I went to school.
Did it happen? No. But I did hike the Y with lin.
Somehow we ended up arriving the same time as a family activity.
The Family President's council or something.
We met a girl named Anna, who I learned was 8.
Bright eyed, gap toothed, and happy as could be to hike the Y (which, may I interject that the Y is no walk in the park). She asked right off if we were BYU students and when we answered yes, her eyes sparkled and she said, "That's where I'm going to go!"

It seems like only yesterday that I was 8. Her birthday was in January, mine was February.
And I too only ever wanted to come here. To this magical place we call BYU. Lessons learned from Anna today...
1. Time flys. I can't believe that was 11 years ago.
2. I'm here. I attend Brigham Young University. For so many years I dreamed of these days. Every once in a while it's surreal to realize that I'm living the life I live.

I hope you're having a great day :)



Vegas: chandeliers and dirt.

This past weekend (General Conference Weekend) we went to:


(For a rodeo... but in all honesty, for a father daughter weekend....)

We stayed:


and i got to hang out with cute people like:


we got to see things like:


and on the way here, we went to classy gas stations
that sold things like:

And we celebrated a B on an Econ Test.... with treats like:

Thank you Heavenly Father, for sending me to such a cool family
and giving me opportunities to spend great weekends like this with them.