Summer Series: the summer I had a fling with motorcycles

I don't know how it happened...
but this summer I had a real thing for motorcycles, apparently.
It started spring semester when my roommate was dating a boy.
Him and his roommate owned motorcycles.
I was single.
So we formed a motorcyle gang, the four of us.
Then so happened that they left for summer,
and another friend needed a girl to ride on the back. 

Oh wait, I could probably help you out with that one... you know?

And yet another friend came in town from Boston and I got the text,
"how about a motorcycle ride up the canyon, lunch, and the best ice cream you'll ever have?"
I said no. 
whaaaaaattttt. jokes. 
How could I possibly refuse that.
 [thus all the pictures. i LOVE the drive to Park City]

Then I went home, and I was sure my adventures were over. 
But fate would have it otherwise, 
I was about to have my best one yet.
I got asked if by a friend if I wanted to take an adventure...
but wasn't allowed to ask questions. 
Take it or leave it. 
And hallelujah I took it.
 Not only was it one of the best adventures I had all summer...
but completed my motorcycle adventures for a while.





you know, I'm not really sure I would want my husband to have a motorcycle 
if we're being really honest here...
but I sure don't mind someone else's future husband giving me a ride. 
The combination of slight danger and wind in your face....
Doesn't get much better than that.

I had a thing with more motorcycles than boys this summer. 
Go figure.


Jessica Holly said...

What happened when you went home? Confused.

Lil Lizzie said...

i love motorcycles.