Crafts and Christmas

Ok, so this break was wonderful. And crafty.
But shoot, some of the gifts haven't been given yet, so I can't blog about them! 
That's ok. There will be lovely before and after shots and a blog post a little later...

First things first:
I love Christmas. 
I love everything about it. 
I love that Santa comes Christmas Eve to give us pajamas. 
I love that even though I'm nearly 20, I still get to sit on Santa's lap.
I love the family time, and watching movies and CMT and eating creamed eggs.

I'll walk you through Christmas in pictures. Fair?
Lolo was the best this year.
She very literally
lit up when Santa walked in the room.

I still get to participate in the Nativity.
I was the least cute angel this year by far.
My competition was tough ;)

I did tell you Lauren loved Santa didn't I?

Thanks to cute Rachel for reminding us that the
"cousins in new pajamas on the couch" picture 
needed to happen. It's now tradition :)

Christmas morning :)

Our home does not do the whole small tree thing...

Now, although this may not appear to be the most appetizing dish you've ever seen....it is. 
Darling Amanda with her new present.
Made by grandma :)
Did I mention how excited Lauren was???
As soon as this little number came out of the box, her clothes came right off.

The "little kids" half of the cousins.

quote of the holidays:
(made in reference to the fact that none of the men help with the dishes..)
(...or "Christmas Eve" late night festivities)
(...or Christmas shopping)
but anyways..... back to that quote
"Tay, you need to marry down so you don't make us look bad" -Uncle Ty

...and now for the picture of the holidays: 
How darling is she?

Well everyone, Merry Christmas.
I hope yours was wonderful.
So, now it's time for me to go to Mexico.
Read Hunger Games.
Take too many pictures.
Get some vitamin D.
And Relax.
I'll think of you...
Well, no...no I won't.


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