Lovely People on Lovely California Mornings.

I have this lovely sister, who I play with all the time
[to see our latest adventure, go here]
At the end of this summer we spent a blissful week in Coarsegold .
Most of the week consisted of eating Frostys, listening to country music, and driving in trucks.
And before we came back to the great state of Utah, 
she wanted me to take some pictures of her and the hubby in that wonderful town of ours.
So, naturally, I obliged.
I love practicing photography when I have a spare minute [which lately isn't very often],
and I only wish that I had the time to learn more.
I suppose someday soon I'll have to make the time.

These were just a few of my favorite pictures of the morning.
I think mostly I like them because the lighting almost reminds me of this early morning scene.
Aren't they beautiful people?

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Schwartzie said...

holy mackeral those are beautiful!!!!