So now my blog counts for class credit.
Talk about making my dreams come true....
Now I just have to be on a dance team my senior year of college. 
THEN life would really be complete.
For me, at least.

Honestly though...
I don't care if I dance in the kitchen, or on a stage.
I just really want to dance.


The best kind of summer nights.

Yesterday the roommate kept looking at me and saying, "today was such a good day"

yes, yes it was.
It was our last day of summer and it was happy.
I crafted and exercised and rode my bike.
I got asked on a date for next week.
I went to a dessert party with some of my favorite people,
then a birthday party with some others.
Some boys were serenading the birthday crew from the piano,
and I sat by the window and listened.
Suddenly I smelled it.

It was raining. Hard.

When we all got home the lightning and thunder were still rolling.
Roommate 2 and I wanted to go watch and listen,
so we went to the courtyard and sat on the roof of the clubhouse.
We talked and laughed a little and got wet.
An old friend came outside so I went to the puddle that was our sidewalk and talked.
The roommates went inside, only to come out again shortly.
Then the splashing of water commenced.
Then the sliding across the puddle Elvis style.
There were people on the second floor balcony that probably thought we were crazy.
We didn't care. Nope, not even a little bit.
We giggled and squealed so much that we had to be told to simmer down.
We always seem to need that reminder.
We couldn't have been more wet if we had jumped into  our pool with our clothes on.
And we couldn't have been more happy for almost anything.

So, some of us aren't dancers.
And some of us aren't singers.

But whatever you do, smile in the rain.


Well, I obviously haven't been around for the past....week?

I've been in Provo for a week. a full week.
but have I had time enough to do anything more than unpack a meager fraction of my things?


I got here and went on a leadership training retreat.

 and rode the alpine slide in Park City.
it apparently is impossible to rip those puppies off the track.
so, naturally, I tried.
great fun, great fun.
 and we might have driven a little too fast on dirt roads.

Theeeeennnnn...... I went to camp!
Foundations of Leadership is a camp I went to as an incoming freshman at BYU.
I thought it was great, and decided to do it again last year.
and again this year.
I got to help freshman catch the BYU lovebug [[doesn't take a ton of convincing]]
all the while living on cafeteria food :)
and now I'm back in Provo for real, and my schedule is starting to normalize.
aka. I'm back to cupcakes&soda dates with jess.
lovin it.
I'll try and stay around :)


Consistency is hard when life comes around.

Hi, life.

I'm on sabbatical.

By sabbatical I mean working really hard.

Just not in the area of blogging.

Be back soon.

A kiss for luck.


the funny ways life works.

let me lead you through this little series of events that have happened in my life lately.
by lately, I mean in the last six months.
one time, I had my life planned out.
I was running for BYUSA office.
and was applying for the business school.
and when you make plans you are supposed to think positive right?
So, when I lost the election and got put on a waiting list for the business school....
my life felt a little bit in shambles.
but then someone I met during campaign week gave me a call last week.
and offered me a really incredible opportunity.
and I took it.

and I got into the business school.
and I took that too.

and I learned the lessons He was trying to teach me.
that things always work out, and He makes it so.
and patience. ohhhhh, the art of patience.

then I showed up for our first board meeting and leadership training.
And forgot my mascara. on my left eye.
and accidentally forgot to spit out my chewing gum.

and thought....
here we go.


Provo, here I come.

back to temples so close.

and cupcake dates.

and post-intramural ice cream.

and Brick Oven pizza.

and the dollar theater.

late night adventures. 

and last but not least.....ROOMMATES!

Getting excited :)


my summer story told in iphone photos: no words necessary

oh yeah, that too...

So maybe you go to New York for the food too..
There are more restaurants than you could ever possibly try.
Every street has it's own new set of palatable choices.
and everyone you meet has a new favorite that you just have to try if at all possible
We got in our fair share of food while we were there.
From bakeries and corner bagel shops to pizza under the Brooklyn Bridge to frozen hot chocolate.
We experienced as much as our little [maybe no longer so little] stomachs would allow.

And I just realized everything except the crepe [which is pictured surrounded by sweets] is a dessert.
don't judge.


"A beautiful catastrophe"

You don't go to New York for the smells or the kindness of the people.
Somehow there is an abundance of smells you would rather not have invade your nose,
and store workers snicker at you and mutter under their breath about the need for dresscodes...
You go to New York for this.

"A hundred times have I thought New York is a catastrophe, and fifty times : It is a beautiful catastrophe." 
Le Corbusier


when you find a cute boutique, you just don't walk away empty handed.

On one of our adventures in the big apple,
we found the cutest street
which in it held the cutest boutique.

And yes, I bought this darling [and functional!] teapot.
Bring on the cold, Provo.


Happy Birthday, Bub.

My little brothers birthday was day before yesterday. 
He's the man.

...as is made obvious in this picture.
he may be embarrassed. 
but he also may never check my blog, 
and thus never know :)

he was always the peewee of the crew...
and now he's all grown up and seventeen years old on us!
he even passed me up in height last year and could probably now beat me in wrestling
[although we will never. ever. mention that. nor try it]

he's the only true blonde of us all
and the old ladies of our childhood deemed him
"the surfer cowboy"
blonde hair. 
tan. [[ALWAYS.]]
blue eyes. 
and boots most of the time. 
now all female specimen deem him the
"beautiful one"
I was glad for the extra popularity boost this year as a counselor at girl's camp.
where I was immediately ten points cooler when it was discovered that I was related to Zane.
instant street cred.
it was rad.

things I love about Zane:
he picks me up princess style and makes me feel pretty all the time
he's fun. lots and lots of fun. 
the party truly does not start until he arrives.
he has mad impersonation skills.
he's all man.
he can saddle a horse and do manual labor like a champ. 
he can dance to Justin Beiber in the efy talent show.
he can somehow pull off old man sweaters. [not the cute kind either.]
he does ridiculous favors for us, like getting our water that's just out of arms reach.
he lets me mostly do all his school shopping.
he's never too cool for a sibling date with his sisters.
he puts up with having all sisters.
[and all these are just the tip of the iceberg...]

happy birthday, bub.
you da best.


Summer Adventure: Wicked take 2

Last summer I went to see Wicked in San Fransisco. 
It. was. so. good.
Then in New York last week we wanted to see a show. 
And Jess hadn't seen Wicked. 
So naturally, I was ok to see it twice!
It rained ALL the way there, and even though the metro is available...
you still have to do enough walking that you can get fully soaked to the bone.

Herein lies the proof.
I'm dripping.

But we all had a great time regardless of our wet toes.
And drank green sprite from green cups,
And bought sweatshirts as souvenirs to help us warm up
and remembered that first impressions aren't always correct,
 you never know the full story
and it doesn't matter how different you are,
you could still be the best of friends.
lessons I seem to keep learning over and over
funny how often we have to relearn, isn't it?

If you haven't ever heard the soundtrack, you should go ahead and give it a listen
To my cute sisters:
"Who can say if I've been changed for the better
But, because I knew you, I have been changed for good."