Crafts and Christmas

Ok, so this break was wonderful. And crafty.
But shoot, some of the gifts haven't been given yet, so I can't blog about them! 
That's ok. There will be lovely before and after shots and a blog post a little later...

First things first:
I love Christmas. 
I love everything about it. 
I love that Santa comes Christmas Eve to give us pajamas. 
I love that even though I'm nearly 20, I still get to sit on Santa's lap.
I love the family time, and watching movies and CMT and eating creamed eggs.

I'll walk you through Christmas in pictures. Fair?
Lolo was the best this year.
She very literally
lit up when Santa walked in the room.

I still get to participate in the Nativity.
I was the least cute angel this year by far.
My competition was tough ;)

I did tell you Lauren loved Santa didn't I?

Thanks to cute Rachel for reminding us that the
"cousins in new pajamas on the couch" picture 
needed to happen. It's now tradition :)

Christmas morning :)

Our home does not do the whole small tree thing...

Now, although this may not appear to be the most appetizing dish you've ever seen....it is. 
Darling Amanda with her new present.
Made by grandma :)
Did I mention how excited Lauren was???
As soon as this little number came out of the box, her clothes came right off.

The "little kids" half of the cousins.

quote of the holidays:
(made in reference to the fact that none of the men help with the dishes..)
(...or "Christmas Eve" late night festivities)
(...or Christmas shopping)
but anyways..... back to that quote
"Tay, you need to marry down so you don't make us look bad" -Uncle Ty

...and now for the picture of the holidays: 
How darling is she?

Well everyone, Merry Christmas.
I hope yours was wonderful.
So, now it's time for me to go to Mexico.
Read Hunger Games.
Take too many pictures.
Get some vitamin D.
And Relax.
I'll think of you...
Well, no...no I won't.



Remember that one time...

....in my last post.... when I said that I got hit in the chest with the bouquet?

that was an understatement.

I got hit in the face.

Proof, right there.       
Thought you may appreciate that. 

Christmas & crafts to come soon :)


What a wonderful world...

To start, here is my favorite picture of the weekend...


The beautiful bride, Miss Caroline McKell

Let me tell you a quick story.
 4 years ago, Miss Caroline Stewart fell in love...
 with Mr. Aaron McKell.
He left to serve a mission and was gone for 2 years. And before he came home, she left and served a mission for a year and a half.
Neither of them knew how it would all end up, but the whole time they hoped.
...and 4 years later [yesterday afternoon], they were married for time and all eternity.

they were/are the epitome of happiness.

It rained all day....
during pictures at the temple,
during the reception, 
And it's still raining.

highlights of yesterday:

The girls [I'll tell you who that includes in a minute]went to go take more pictures (they were all bridesmaids naturally...) and due to the fact there was 5 of them, there was no room for me in the car. So... I went with the "husbands club" [3 of the 5 husbands] to tour Berkeley campus. Mind you, it's raining....and extremely foggy. We ended up on the top of some massive mountain with no cell phone reception [which means no navigation either]... and just barely made it back in time for the reception. Mostly, I just giggled at the VAST difference between their conversations and the conversations of their wives...
then fell asleep.

So, the reception was... hilarious. There were four of us without husbands and we all danced together. Holding hands. While the married couples danced the night away together. Then came time for my favorite part of the evening. [sarcasm fully intended]. Below, you'll find what I normally look like while everyone is reaching for the bouquet. Note the pink dress to your left. No hands up. Not on my toes. In fact, leaning back. Nope. Nothing.

Well, let me tell you what happened at Caroline's reception. I was in the front row, she threw it way beyond my head. Phew, good work. Apparently it was too far over my head and nobody caught it. So, throw #2: I'm hardly paying attention and
Hits me square in the chest. No getting out of it. 
That whole tale about what happens when you catch the bouquet.
it's fake... right?
We're going to go ahead and vote in the affirmative on that one.
Moving on.

When we got back to the hotel, we had present time.
Let me give you a little background on the company I was in.
My sister has "the seven": a group of girls who clicked freshman year and never looked back. So, I stayed with 5 of them, minus the Caroline, and Susan who is pregnant in Hawaii. So, now that you know who we is, I will begin again, we had present opening time for Christmas. And to my wonder and amazement they had included me. They had brought presents from their various homes to me, the little sister, who was tagging along to the wedding. They told me me I was and honorary member of the 7, the closest things they had to an 8th. I can't tell you how much it meant. To those of the 7 reading this, thanks for always being so wonderful to me :)

And now, I'm here in Palo Alto[while Jess and Steve celebrate their anniversary in San Fransisco], with my Aunt and Uncle and their 3 absolutely beautiful children. Two girls and a boy. All three darling. 

Best quotes of the night: 
"This ornament really wants to be on the top of the tree"
Yes, Lolo, yes it does.
"i love TayTay best"
"where did your eyes come from? Where did your lips come from? Where did your feet come from?"

Hope Jess and Steve are having as great of a time as I am.
Happy Anniversary guys!


It's over

We are en route. 

and I'm rocking the hot bun [as suggested by my lovely sister]
and have been for the last two days.

this one's for you jess.
I don't have the art down quite the way she does, but I'll get there. 
On a different note [although they were the reason I rocked the hot bun for two days...]
It's amazing how once they're done this big cloud just leaves. 
And that big...thing...that was filling up my life is being filled with:

A wedding reception
Cute Cousins
Christmas Lights
my "Swingin' Christmas" pandora playlist
Family Family Family
Hot chocolate with friends
movies [shoot, how long has it been since I watched one of those?]

Wish us luck, we are about to attempt to get through Donner Pass
...in Steve's car :)


Praying for the end.

I know I said I wouldn't....

but I need a study break. It's 2 AM. and I only have one more test. 
It's so hard to stay focused when you know there's only a matter of hours before you go home.

Goodbye Utah.

Hello Christmas.

I promise someday I'll be more exciting.
Write about real things...
It's just hard when you're brain is
mush :)

Wish me luck. Pray that my brain will understand econ.
it currently doesn't.

love you all.


A little pick-me-up.

The church is true.
and it's amazing how every week, 
if you're paying attention, 
you learn something new.
I've been going for 19 years, 
and I'm still learning new things and progressing.
That's part of the reason I know it's true, you know?
I needed it today

Finals are looking a little wild. I may die. 
Two words: statistics & econ.
Wish me luck. and that all things will be brought to my remembrance... 
...but really. do. 

I won't be posting for at least this week, so I'll leave you with a video that is so cool. My love for the weepies [the music artist] in combination with my love for dance.. I just think it's wonderful.
People are so talented.

Hope you have a splendid week. 
Until next time!


Reasons for loving people, and hating justification.

Life is good. 
A little crazy? Yes.
Finals coming soon? Yes.
Dance Party this Friday? Also yes. 
I have the cutest sister ever? Yes and yes. 
Shoot, I post about her all the time... sorry about that.
You see, the thing is, when you have a big camera.. 
you just don't get pictures of yourself very often.
And Jessica is always my greatest model :)
So thus, again, here are some of the latest.

Opening birthday presents at her cutie little apartment.

Christmas pictures last week. Ohhhhh joy :)

Could they be any more cute? I don't believe so. 
So, two things. 
One: Thursdays are wonderful. 
Temple at 5. Alone time to read for a half hour. 
And because I'm the first one there.....
I always get to do extra baptisms.
Today it was 17. 
For those of you not from Provo, that's alot.
Normally they run on average from 3-5 baptisms per person because it's so busy.
Also, I learned something yesterday.
justification doesn't feel good 
so I decided over Thanksgiving that I didn't want to eat sweets until Christmas.
I just felt so gross from the weekend. Does everybody get like that?
Well, anyways, I've been doing great. But the past 24 hours... not as much.
First, my roommates were all going out to ice cream last night.
They wanted me to come. And you know how it is...
"Are you coming?... come on, please?" Yes? Ok.
It took them a minute, but I told them I would go if we went to Coldstone.
They have sugarfree fat free ice cream. And really, I like it :)
Then I got mix-ins... and a cone.... so, really?
it totally classified as a sweet.
Then today, I went to "Bread and Jam"
[an event put on for Campus Life students to mingle with faculty]
and ate breads that were more like sweets...
really though, the words cinnamon, pumpkin, and peach cobbler come to mind.
i cheated. 
and it doesn't matter that I went to the gym this morning, or that I'll go tomorrow.
i still cheated.
it doesn't matter what it is, big or small, it doesn't feel good to cheat.
but it is good to know that tomorrow morning I can start over.
Just because you mess up and fall off for a second doesn't ruin everything.
As long as you don't give up.
So tomorrow? No sweets.
I really don't have that long until Christmas...

"Nothing can prevent your picture from coming into concrete form except the same
power which gave it birth-yourself" -Genevieve Behrend

whatever it is you're doing, do it.
and try not to justify... because guess what?
it's not worth it.
and take some chances sometimes.
Make some goals.
Map out some dreams.
Do something with life, its flying.


Oh, the amount of bridal showers I attend....

So one time I was a bridesmaid 3 times in a matter of less than a year. 
Now, I just go to an awful lot of bridal showers. 
At least lately :)
But that's ok, because like I said in that gratitude post somewhere down there.... it's fun to see people really in love. They just are so happy, you can't help but be happy too. 
This shower happens to be for my cousin Luke's lovely future wife, Lisa. 
She is darling, and let me tell you... you can't come to coarsegold without getting a big dose of the Veater/Millar clan. This bridal shower consisted of about... hmmmm 75% family members (and wasn't a small shower by any means), many of whom she had never met before. We loved getting to know her :)
Hope we didn't overwhelm you Lisa.

Reasons I love this:
1. he's darling.
2. he's riding my rocking horse... it even says Taylor Ann
3. he's the only boy at the bridal shower... and made the most of it with his flirting skills ;)

This is Charlotte. The niece of the soon-to-be bride.
Take a look at those eyes.

Bridal Showers always seem to come with the best food.
Breakfast squares... mmmm ;)

and how could we fail to note the decorations?
fun to look at, and fun to eat off of.
Way to kill 2 birds with one stone, mom.
Fresh Flowers 

Cute cousins that can't get enough of each other. 

Grandmas and Great Aunts :)

All the Millar sister in laws. 

I think Lisa received all the love she could.
These two were happy to give it.
Code name for attack Lisa?
"Secret Plan"

Oh how we love Coarsegold!
We're glad to have you Lisa.


Happy Happy Birthday to the best friend a girl could have...

To my beautiful sister...

Happy Birthday Gorgeous!
But really... look at her. 
Jess & I have always been friends, but as the years have gone on we've grown closer than ever. 
She's the only family I've got here and I can't tell you how much I value our friendship and the things she does for me. They say as you get older, your family become your best friends... well, look at us jess, we've reached "older"!

To my best friend, sister, and example.
I love you, Thanks for being so darn wonderful.
See you tonight ;)