A Few things...

So, sometimes I cut like 4 inches off my hair and you can barely tell.

case in point.

Second, I want to vent for a second about how much I love Brooke.
But really.
She gave me a care package before I came back to Provo from home.
What was in it? These are a few of the things, nametags included.

Those are just part of it.
So cool, right? My personal favorite....
bag of truffles: "eat right...just kidding!"

This one goes out to Brooke. 
Who writes on my arms during church, and sings Justin Beiber with me.
Favorite thing she wrote last week:
"You're really white, but your teeth are really white too, so don't worry about it"

Thank you Brooke, for being the coolest person ever.
Keep that spunk under control ;)


thanksgiving time

currently loving:
-being with adults.
-being with little kids.

-back in the mountains.
-snow and California all at the same time.
-the brush and rugged look of the country here. 
-Grandma's house, and the window seat in the pink room.
-horses. Riding, Loving, or looking at them. 
-green grass and trees, especially in the winter.
-early morning gym sessions with dad and Zane. 
-talks to and from the gym with dad and Zane.
-trying on mom's old dresses (how was she so tiny??)
-a house. a full sized kitchen...living room...& bedroom...
-getting excited for the new house with my mom.  

 Flocks of turkeys on your way to Thanksgiving dinner.
 Wood Stacks.
 Grandma's house.
 The way we all feel after Thanksgiving dinner around here.
 Wood Burning Stoves.
 Lolo's true love.
Prizes that never stay on display.
The only picture of hundreds with me in it.
 The cute kind of boys.
 Horses that are cuddly.
 Broncs that let me braid their hair.
And making fingers the way fingers are meant be.

I hope your Thanksgiving was as wonderful as mine.


Love and Day One of Thanksgiving Break

So for the LOVE part of this post.
I recently have had opportunity to attend both a baby shower 
and a bridal shower for my sister's friends Erin and Caroline, respectively.

Both were wonderful.

Erin's Baby Shower...

So darling huh?

 Then one time I went to Bijou Market, and got some great craft ideas!
 And made my own card from scrap material and a sewing machine. 
So easy, and looks crafty which is fun :)

Then came Caroline's Bridal Shower...

How darling are they?
I'm pretty positive that they made anyone there who was single (there wasn't many of us...)
want to be in love. They are literally the most darling couple.
She was just glowing all night.

So day 1 back at home was.... well, home. 
I ran errands with my mom all day, got a haircut, enjoyed the mountains. 

Happy Thanksgiving everyone :)



Oh my goodness..

Im obsessed with ballroom dance.
But really. I love to do it, I love to watch it. I love the beautiful dresses and the way it makes you feel pretty or sassy or cute, no matter how you were feeling before. I love that it's a team effort. The boys lead the girls, yes, but they have to work together. And when they both try really hard and practice, it turns into something beautiful.
Good thing I have kathryn to enjoy it with me :)

Last Saturday was dancesport. Kathryn and I both competed triple swing in the morning... then we may or may not have come back at night for another 5 hours to watch the other events....

So just a few things that have been on my mind...
(1) do you ever feel like right when you get to the point where you think you're handling everything pretty well, God feels the need to test you and see how much you really can handle? I literally wrote in my journal just the other day... "I'm really busy, but I feel like I am handling it better than ever"

Then this week came, and has stretched me more than a little. I took a test before class this morning, visiting teaching tonight, have a BYUSA overnight retreat/training tomorrow night, a bridal shower Saturday when I get back, I am giving a talk and teaching gospel doctrine on Sunday, and have a test and three assignments due on Monday :) So I'm considering that stretching. And if I'm going to have stress, I'd rather that it be this kind, because if I have Him to help, I can do it. This is about what my next few days look like....


...thanksgiving... :)

On that subject, I can't wait! I love my family. I just blogged about them, so I won't overwhelm you, but really I love them.

(2) So I always end up sharing these embarrassing stories on here....oops?
 I went to classic skate on Thursday.
I haven't rollerskated since mayyyybbbbbeee 3rd grade?
needless to say, my skating skills were lacking.

I fell three times in the first 10 minutes. My date helped me out and for the next hour I made wild improvement (aka no falls!) then came the end...
Ready? Let's slow down he says
I make a frantic beeline for the nearest pole and use... my heel to brake? no, my toe.
....still fell.
Then came the finale. I'm awkwardly making my way to sit down.
The waitress walks directly in my path.
In an awkward attempt to avoid hitting her I make a failed attempt to stop.
I think I kicked her in the shins anyways.
my bad.
But you haven't heard the best part yet!
As I fell my ankle may or may not have buckled underneath me.
And made a bad noise accompanied by a bad feeling.
Yesterday I bummed a ride to school
and was gimpy all day.
But it's not bruised.... just awkwardly large
....i dont know?

Because now I know how much you are dying to view my hideous ankle...
I will show it to you.

 eh... you can't really see it from this angle,
but let's remember how that foot on your left should not be connected to a canckle
(calf-ankle for those of you struggling),
but rather a normal ankle....

You should know these photos are a labor of love.
Note Above: the awkward positioning of my body.

Mostly that is all I have.
Hope you're having a great day :)


thanksgiving today.

I just was thinking today about some of the things that make me happy.
Things that aren't dependent on other people, or myself.
This happiness is inspired by the things that are already there.
They are the things that inspire inward, true, real happiness.

Those things... you know the ones I'm talking about...
when you see them... you stand up a little taller.
and your eyes go soft
and your mouth turns up.
and you know everything will always be ok.

Things like

birds in flight.
leaves floating as they fall. 
people in love.
snow flakes.
childrens laughter.
deep breaths.
hugs. good hugs. 
flags flying.
people helping.
shooting stars.

Am I ready for Thanksgiving?

"This is a wonderful time to be living here on earth. Our opportunities are limitless. While there are some things wrong in the world today, there are many things right, such as teachers who teach, ministers who minister, marriages that make it, parents who sacrifice, and friends who help. We can lift ourselves, and others as well, when we refuse to remain in the realm of negative thought and cultivate within our hearts an attitude of gratitude. If ingratitude be numbered among the serious sins, then gratitude takes its place among the noblest of virtues"

-Thomas S. Monson



What a good few days! 
So yesterday night I went to Erin's baby shower (which I will blog about with pictures soon)
and went to Divine Comedy for the first time. Consensus? So funny!
Plus, my date and I got an individual shout out on the big screen :) 

Then today...?
Who had front row seats in the south endzone?
i did.
Who got a high five from.....

me :)

Whose hand did COSMO hold for a full five seconds?

that would be mine.

And who demolished UNLV?



Winnemucca and so much more

The Fall Colors are out and I'm loving everything. 

Thursday Night i didn't get home from school until 6:30 or so. Long day.
Jess called and came straight to my room.
She stood at my doorway with



And a rose.

And stated simply,
"I hear it's a two cupcake kind of week"

Indeed it was.
We went to Thai Ruby.
My treat.
What would I do without her?

Friday was... wonderful....
for many reasons.
But mostly because we headed off to Winnemucca.
What in the World is in Winnemucca you may ask??
The NSPRA end of the year rodeo finals!
Some of you may still be wondering...
So... I have this dad that's just, well, way too cool.
He competes in rodeo.
I like to support him :)

And plus I got to hang out with the kind of boys I like...

the dedicated kind...

...the innocent kind

the kind who have smiley eyes

and love our country
...the kind that know how to put on work gloves.

and use them...

And did I mention I got to hang out with my favorite kind of Girls too?

the kind who are willing to drive the whole way so the lovebirds can nap in the back seat

and the kind who aren't afraid to be themselves.
(and did I mention beautiful?)

Mostly I love my family.
It was so good to be reunited, even if it was only two days.

And a shout out to my daddy.
who couldn't possibly be more awesome.
Way to win 5 buckles and a saddle in one weekend.

Love, A Cowboy's Daughter