Summer Series: Belle

I spent some time with my Gina when I was home.
Those adventures are always much needed, and always last longer than planned.
Regardless of when we meet up, I keep my entire afternoon open.
This time we just needed a Frosty.
Those of you who are from Coarsegold, you know what I mean.
We just needed to sit on the wooden tables under the misters,
and enjoy a frosty at Robert's.
Where old black and white movies play on repeat,
and the walls are covered in glamour shots of Marilyn, Audrey, and Lucy.
Where a hand carved wooden bear sits atop the shelf,
and the different coffees are named after the regular customers.
Where anybody not from Coarsegold gets their picture posted on the wall.
And even if the waitress doesn't know your name, she knows what family you come from.
Oh, and Robert actually cooks the food. Every day.
So yeah, we needed to go to Robert's Frosty.
How else on earth do you describe that feeling?

Gina and I, being 5 years old like we are, needed matching lockets of our favorite princesses.
I guess I hadn't ever given much thought to which was my favorite before.
But it is Belle, without a doubt.
She is strong, and knows what is right.
Not only does she know what's right, but she does what is right...
even when it doesn't make sense to everyone else.
She can hold her own, and stand alone.
She sees beyond outer appearances, and genuinely loves her friends and family.
She fights for what she believes, and knows what that is.
And on top of it all, she dances in a beautiful gown and tames a beast.
She allows herself to be vulnerable, when she could have stayed safe.
She is Beauty.

Just a thought.
Taylor Ann

Summer Series: Barefoot and Bronze

These pictures don't include me, but they describe my trip to Hawaii pretty accurately.
I was just blessed to be a part of these babies' world this summer.
There is something different about being on vacation with little ones.
Everything is new and exciting to them.
Everything is magical.






Our days were filled with lots of sun, even more sand, family and food.
It was just what I needed- being with those kiddos for a week.
Kids see you for you, plain and simple.
And they love you, no questions asked.
There are no complications to those friendships,
you always know where you are at- good or bad.
Kids.. well, they need you. your love, your attention, your help.
They require more from you, but are so worth the time.
I needed to be out of Provo, and they were the perfect remedy.

Taylor Ann


Summer Series: Bub

When I was home my mom sat reading the sisters blog as per usual
when I walked up she didn't look up, but stated...
"You never blog anymore".
And it's true, I know.
Sometimes, you're just not really sure what to write or how to write.

But I have to start over somewhere.
So I'll start with the little brother.
He is quite the subject in my life these days, living 5 blocks away from each other and all...
I came home at the end of the summer just barely in time for his  18th Birthday shindig.
It was. A. Blast.

He is so great.
One night after a long drive home (and equally long talk about life),
I sneezed.
You have to understand... my sneeze is high-pitched to say the least.
It sounds fake, and fairly silly.
Sort of what you may think a five year old disney princess sneeze may sound like.
And there's this little sigh at the end.
Every time.

Zane kind of chuckled and said....
"Your husband must adore your sneeze.
Really though, he has to think it's the cutest thing in the world.
He just needs to realize how special you are"

And those are moments where I remember why I need to marry a boy like my brother.
He is genuine, kind, fun, and makes me feel like a million bucks.

So happy Birthday bub, and here's to a fun semester together.
You are my favorite boy.

On another note,  this summer was one of the mos unexpected summers I've ever experienced.
There was some traveling, a little heartache, a lot of family, and a few surprises.
I posted once or twice, but here's to filling in the gaps.
I think a summer series of blog posts is in order.  Let's count this as an official start :)

Glad to be back,
Taylor Ann