...and now I have a love story

I've had so many requests for details, and blogging is always the last thing on my list these days (let's be real, it's been last on my list since I started dating boy), but world...I'm engaged and happy and here to give you a few little details.

Today, I entered a contest and had to write a bit about 'our story'. I thought, per your request and the sake of my memories I don't want forgotten, I would share it here.

When I moved in here a year and a half ago, I was very taken with the boy with a dimple and bright blue eyes. I was sure Jay Winters was the most darling boy I had ever laid my eyes on, but fate would have it that it wasn't in either of our cards, and I dismissed the thought. We continued to be friends and had good conversations over the balcony separating his apartment from mine. That was all it was for a long time, and I grew up a bit and dated people that helped me appreciate all Jay would be to me.

We lived in the same apartment complex for a full year before he ever asked me out. And what they say about the rest being history? It really was. We both expressed our interest in only dating each other only 5 days after our first date, and he kissed me goodnight right there on my doorstep. From then on he was my boy. He was the boy to open my door and tell me how wonderful he thought I was, and I adored everything about him. He really was a breath of fresh air.

Over Christmas he came to California to see my home, and I was reminded of how I needed him. We were hiking one day and came across a meadow I'd never seen. It was a beautiful day, and we stopped to take it all in as he held me tight. He told me he loved me right there. I felt the same, and told him so.

Two weeks ago, we went to the mountains. And there, in the snow, he took me by surprise again. He leaned in, gave me a hug, took a step back, and reached for his pocket. My shaking hands went up over my mouth as he told me how much he loved me and wanted to be with me forever. I was lost for words, and hugged him tight. He lovingly reminded me of his need for a response and with shaking hands, I held his face and looked into those blue eyes. Yes, of course.

 photo IMG_4149-1_zpse9381bef.jpg

I think you always know love is real, but you never really understand how it works until you feel it.
I could never understand how people got to a point where they wanted to be together forever.
But just so you know, it's real and it's all it's cracked up to be.
I'm so excited to be with my blue-eyed boy for all eternity.

Love Always,
And happy as I've ever been,

Taylor Ann


Camille said...

Oh Taylor, this is so happy!!!!! Congrats missy!!! Do you have a date picked yet??

Jessica Holly said...

I love this. and you. and Jay.

The Warcups said...

You guys are adorable. I love this! SOO happy for you, Tay!!

kylee said...

i am so glad you blogged about it! i about died when i saw your instagram! so happy for you taylor!

Maashoff Mayhem said...

This is just about the cutest love story ever! Congrats little one(which you will always be because I am a decade older)! Your parents are probably "Over the Moon" Happy for you! And so am I. He is one Lucky Blue Eyed Boy;D
P.S. Isn't true love the BEST!?!?
Enjoy every moment, and keep up the blog.

Heebs and Britt said...

Yes, please keep up the blog! I'm afraid it's the only way those of us in Jay's family will ever know anything! :) by the way, I'm really glad you like him so much! We do too :)

Queen of the Nook said...

Congratulations! I am reminded of how important it is to have a strong Father and Mother in your life, and an loving example of marriage like you and your siblings have. I can only hope my kids discover love in the same way!

Anonymous said...

For real tho gurl, you need to update yo blog! ;)