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So I decided that I have failed slightly in my blogging attempts. Nobody wants to read a blog that's never updated! So thus, I shall work on making my weaknesses into strengths ;)

So one happy thing... I had the privilege of watching the Garner children while their parents went through the temple for the first time, then got to get them ready in their cute white clothes to go be sealed to their parents. And took pictures, don't you worry.


So the kid's a little....nuts.... but the cutest thing you could ever imagine.
The very first thing he did when we
walked into the cultural hall was to....

rip his shirt off
break into a sprint

....going nowhere in particular. Naturally.
Then of course hopping into my lap or arms from time to time.
No matter how wild little boys are, you just have to love them.


Ok, this kid is so cute. Blonde hair. Blue eyes. Bowl cut.
Missing both front teeth. Endless energy. Oh yeah, these are the best kinds of little boys :)

This one is at the stage where there's
no hugs or sitting on laps anymore.
girls have cooties
which includes me... so he had lots of fun,
and was very grown up of course, but this one's fun didn't include me.

Last, but not least,

The princess and second mother in this cute little family of boys.
She organized a "play" while we waited where she was the teacher.
Everyone got involved (even Thomas, who was crew manager)

So in all, it was a fabulous day!
I got to play mom for a few hours, and they got to be sealed together for
eternity :)

Until next time.....
-Taylor Ann

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