Before I leave.

Today was happy.

It's official. I will be en-route to Lima in


Today I also got to see Kelsie Martinez Warcup :)
We have the coolest/weirdest story, and how it came to be... well, there's only one thing I know that could have crossed our paths so perfectly. And randomly?
I actually didn't know her the first time we met. I knew her little brother Trent.
She, for her little brother's friends, was kind enough to invite me to her... 17th birthday party?
I happened to be the only girl in the room willing to go outside with her to the bounce house in the middle of December(why that was so unappealing to the rest of the female population I'll never guess... haha) .... and thus started our unbreakable friendship.
We've been through alot together.
From breakups....
to blind dates...
to backstreet boys concerts
&bridesmaids dresses
From beach trips
and from boy to boy(now I'm left to do that part on my own)
but we really have been through it all.

It's always a good day when I get to see my Kelshead.

So story for the day...! My dad and I go to the gym every morning at 5:30. This morning it was light enough that I thought, "hmmm, I think I'll run outside today". So I proceed to head toward Willow in search of a running trail that I had seen when driving at some point or another.
So I'm feeling good.
I hit International
Still feeling good.
So I decide to try and loop around instead of taking the same way back.

wrong move.

So, for those of you not familiar with Clovis, you aren't alone! I'm not that familiar with it either...apparently. Because International is not a straight road. It took me out away from my destination as opposed to parallel with it. When I finally realized it was not going to be easy to make it back to meet with my trainer at seven, I started really running. It's amazing how a timeline can do that for you! Needless to say, I ran for a solid hour and twenty minutes. At least. Thirty minutes of which were hard/adrenaline filled/ half-lost minutes of running.
That was followed directly by an hour of weight training.
I'm very near dead.
But don't you worry... the fanny pack did survive our little adventure.
I haven't been able to find my ipod armband for a while now.
Needless to say, the fanny pack and I have spent some quality bonding time together.

This is a face of pure joy....

This, my friends, is the source of that pure joy... :)

I hope you're feeling some of that happiness.
Right now.

Bask in that joy until next time.
Which may be tomorrow....
or may be in three weeks.
You never know :)

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The Warcups said...

okay okay this almost made me cry haha. I loove you!! I hope you have such a grand time in PERU! I have to hear alll about it. You're so fun!