Summer Series: Belle

I spent some time with my Gina when I was home.
Those adventures are always much needed, and always last longer than planned.
Regardless of when we meet up, I keep my entire afternoon open.
This time we just needed a Frosty.
Those of you who are from Coarsegold, you know what I mean.
We just needed to sit on the wooden tables under the misters,
and enjoy a frosty at Robert's.
Where old black and white movies play on repeat,
and the walls are covered in glamour shots of Marilyn, Audrey, and Lucy.
Where a hand carved wooden bear sits atop the shelf,
and the different coffees are named after the regular customers.
Where anybody not from Coarsegold gets their picture posted on the wall.
And even if the waitress doesn't know your name, she knows what family you come from.
Oh, and Robert actually cooks the food. Every day.
So yeah, we needed to go to Robert's Frosty.
How else on earth do you describe that feeling?

Gina and I, being 5 years old like we are, needed matching lockets of our favorite princesses.
I guess I hadn't ever given much thought to which was my favorite before.
But it is Belle, without a doubt.
She is strong, and knows what is right.
Not only does she know what's right, but she does what is right...
even when it doesn't make sense to everyone else.
She can hold her own, and stand alone.
She sees beyond outer appearances, and genuinely loves her friends and family.
She fights for what she believes, and knows what that is.
And on top of it all, she dances in a beautiful gown and tames a beast.
She allows herself to be vulnerable, when she could have stayed safe.
She is Beauty.

Just a thought.
Taylor Ann

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