Beauty and Love

Today I loved people.
I love them everyday, but especially today.
Nearly every day on my walk home from school, I talk to my mom on the phone. Talking about my day makes me think. I think of things that have happened in my day, but have you ever noticed how conversations and thoughts linger through the rest of your day? At the end of the day I'm left with all of these wonderful ways the Lord has blessed me.

How has the Lord shown his hand in my life today?

Today it was people.
It's a fascinating concept to think that everyone has their own life, and really the world doesn't revolve around mine and my immediate surroundings. I had opportunity to interact with a lot of people today. Well, this week in general really. I went into the academic advisement office and after asking me about the things I know I like we promptly realized that Humanitarian work is what I would be happiest doing for the rest of my life. Business major? Nonprofit minor? That's the new direction I'm headed.

Speaking of directions, I used to think you had to have a life plan. An exact vision. But you don't. You have to know the important things. Priorities. And if you work towards those, everything else will fall into place. And surprise! Those "things" don't have to be tangible! They can be that you want to help people, or that you want to get married in the temple to a worthy priesthood holder, or you want to do an internship, or that you want to be happy (although remember, happiness is a choice). So choose. work toward those things. Eventually I will have to make an exact plan, but for now? I'm just moving in the right direction.

Does your heart ever feel so full it could burst? Sometimes mine does. There are just so many wonderful things. If I know anything, it's that Heavenly Father WANTS to bless us. He really does. I have the opportunity to be at BYU right now. It's incredible. Tuesday night I was able to meet and listen to this man...

Merrill Bateman

bateman.jpg (11219 bytes)

He is wonderful! Talk about having a list of incredible accomplishments. I was one of the first to shake his hand afterward and he looked me in the eye and asked, "How are you?" there were people waiting in line to see him, but he didn't move on before he waited for my answer and honestly made me feel important among the crowd. To be completely honest, he reminded me of Santa Claus :) Really rosy cheeks and just so kind.

Then tonight, wow.....

I was there. Fourth row. The capacity for the room was said to be 1700. There were hundreds more than that. In the back, on the sides.
She was wonderful.
Favorite quote of the night?
"I came back because I wanted my body.... I didn't care what it looked like"
We really do need to understand beauty. Beauty isn't "pretty". It's not something you inherit from your Mom or Dad here. It's something you inherit from your Father in Heaven. It's that light. The light in your eyes. That spirit in you. Beauty is health and strength and confidence.

"Of all the creatures of the Almighty there is none more beautiful, none more inspiring than a lovely daughter of God."
-Gordon B. Hinckley

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