Welcome Back... the beginning adventures of Devonshire #20...



It was nasty. Don't worry, there's multiple cleaning hours
on my knees with a toothbrush and comet that went into making this "house" a "home"

The tools of a cleaning champ :)

I LOVE our apartment!! My roommates are wonderful. So wonderful.

And my classes?
Econ- Lots and lots of work, but I'm gonna try soo hard.
Stats- I'll work on getting the lingo
Beginning Piano- Most people in the class are NOT beginners, but I'll catch up.
New Testament- I love Christ, and studying the life of Christ. It brings Him to an even more real level :)
Church History- Sister Black is hilarious. Enough said.
Social Dance 280- Best. Class. Ever. I love dance.
Student Leadership- I will be serving in the BYUSA office again this year! Yay!

What else has been going on in Devonshire #20? Lindsay and I have been cooking up a storm. We have great friends over on the other side of what we so fondly call the "chastity wall", and we are having a house warming party this Friday! Today I invested in a sewing machine, I have TONS of Econ homework, I made us all matching blue and white bows for the football game on Saturday, and we are happy as can be.

Until Next time

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