This morning the plan was to get up early.

Go to the temple.
Hike the Y.
& do homework.

All before I went to school.
Did it happen? No. But I did hike the Y with lin.
Somehow we ended up arriving the same time as a family activity.
The Family President's council or something.
We met a girl named Anna, who I learned was 8.
Bright eyed, gap toothed, and happy as could be to hike the Y (which, may I interject that the Y is no walk in the park). She asked right off if we were BYU students and when we answered yes, her eyes sparkled and she said, "That's where I'm going to go!"

It seems like only yesterday that I was 8. Her birthday was in January, mine was February.
And I too only ever wanted to come here. To this magical place we call BYU. Lessons learned from Anna today...
1. Time flys. I can't believe that was 11 years ago.
2. I'm here. I attend Brigham Young University. For so many years I dreamed of these days. Every once in a while it's surreal to realize that I'm living the life I live.

I hope you're having a great day :)


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Molly Beth said...

TAY!! You have a blog!? Oh my, I just love this! Glad to see things are still great at byu! much love! xo