fall into happiness

one day... jess and I decided to get together and it may have turned into a little bit of a photo shoot. 
because who doesn't love taking pictures in the park?
she had to be inspired for her outfit. 
i had to make her be inspired for mine too.
(who knew the style genes could be so unevenly distributed?)

so we went. 

we played with fall leaves. 

and took photos in black and white. 

 we wore hats
and played like homework would never come.

 we might have even whipped out my tripod for some sister pictures

Then where did we go? 
Our favorite place!

it just seemed to fit the occasion. 
and, as always, she made me finish hers along with mine. 

i ask if she wants me to gain weight.
she looks at me with puppy dog eyes and says she is just too full.
i tell her "i hiked this morning"... and proceed to eat it. 
someday I'll learn to resist her. but not today. 
probably not tomorrow either if we're being honest here. 

that's just us though. 

i'm vanilla.

and she's chocolate. 

in fact, very different. 
but complimentary. 
and essentially, we're made from the same stuff. 
we go well together :)

"Stressed spelled backwards is desserts.  
Coincidence?  I think not!"
-author anonymous

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Kara said...

I love this quote!