Beauty of life.

Everything relates. Every story worth telling has a hero. In the Bible it's Christ. In my life it is still Christ.

He walked and talked, but have you ever noticed he didn't just say to people "I am the Savior. worship me." At least not outright.  He preached and taught (why some still think he was only a prophet) and for some people, it was plain for them to see and recognize that he was the Savior. But for most... they knew of Him. They had heard of His glory, but they had to find for themselves that he was their Savior.

Example, the woman at the well. He let her ask questions until she figured it out.

We too must ask questions, he will answer them. And as he did then, he still does now....he might answer in riddles. He may ask us questions in return. Because how often do we ask Him questions we already know the answer too?

He is eternal. and the same today as forever. We have to come to know Him ourselves.

Just a thought.

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