How I get boys.

Last weekend I went to a wedding,
and I met a boy.
And by boy I mean group of boys.
They were circa 8 years old.
And I can't be positive, but I'm pretty sure they thought I was cute.
We all stood at the candy table and they dared me to try the most sour candy.

I, of course, accepted the challenge and they patiently waited for my reaction.
I squirmed and giggled, and scrunched my face like a champ.
That's probably when they all fell in love. 

I should probably not egg little boys on like that,
but it's way too much fun to play along.
Plus, it makes you an immediate fan club.

I think little boys are the best.
Food stains on their shirts
Coolaid/juice stains on their mouths
toothless grins
shy, but bold flirting tactics
they win me over every time.
They are my immediate favorite in any crowd.


Yerri was one of the first, but I'm sure he won't be the last.
He held my hand,
curled up in my lap,
and danced on my feet.
All under a Peruvian sky.
I'm not really sure I'll ever be able to let that one go.

My mom teases that I will one day be a mother of all boys.
I secretly wouldn't mind so much.
[and I'm sure this will be so funny when I have all little girls...]
But that's just one of those things making me happy these days,
hope your weekend was as good as mine!

-Taylor Ann

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