oh hey LA

Ok, so I had to go home.
Remember when I did that last year?
Yeah, it was about that time. I was dying.
So we decided to take a trip, Lauren and I.

At first it was a surprise, but then it wasn't.
But since daddy knew, he bought us a hotel room next to his to lure us into staying with him in LA overnight.
[as if two twenty one year-old girls need convincing to stay in a high rise in downtown Los Angeles...]
We got into the room around 9pm and just stood flat faced at the window for at least five minutes.


We proceeded to eat a room service dinner and watch the Office before falling into bed.
What is it about roadtrips that make you so exhausted? Sitting in a seat? Not moving? Not sure.
The next day, we were more than happy to get on the road to Coarsegold, but LA was a great adventure!
There will be documenting of the rest of the trip when I get back to a little bit of normalcy.

Thanks daddy, for taking such good care of me :)


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