A little pick-me-up.

The church is true.
and it's amazing how every week, 
if you're paying attention, 
you learn something new.
I've been going for 19 years, 
and I'm still learning new things and progressing.
That's part of the reason I know it's true, you know?
I needed it today

Finals are looking a little wild. I may die. 
Two words: statistics & econ.
Wish me luck. and that all things will be brought to my remembrance... 
...but really. do. 

I won't be posting for at least this week, so I'll leave you with a video that is so cool. My love for the weepies [the music artist] in combination with my love for dance.. I just think it's wonderful.
People are so talented.

Hope you have a splendid week. 
Until next time!


Tami said...

My english teacher actually showed us this video before we went off on break! It's so entertaining! :)
Miss you tons, Love you bunches
Love Ali Schmidt
P.S. your blog is so stinkin cute! :)
* It says Tami who posted it... That's just cuz it's off of my moms account.

TaylorAnn said...

Ali!! I love you too, and miss you BUNCHES AND BUNCHES.