It's over

We are en route. 

and I'm rocking the hot bun [as suggested by my lovely sister]
and have been for the last two days.

this one's for you jess.
I don't have the art down quite the way she does, but I'll get there. 
On a different note [although they were the reason I rocked the hot bun for two days...]
It's amazing how once they're done this big cloud just leaves. 
And that big...thing...that was filling up my life is being filled with:

A wedding reception
Cute Cousins
Christmas Lights
my "Swingin' Christmas" pandora playlist
Family Family Family
Hot chocolate with friends
movies [shoot, how long has it been since I watched one of those?]

Wish us luck, we are about to attempt to get through Donner Pass
...in Steve's car :)

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