Reasons for loving people, and hating justification.

Life is good. 
A little crazy? Yes.
Finals coming soon? Yes.
Dance Party this Friday? Also yes. 
I have the cutest sister ever? Yes and yes. 
Shoot, I post about her all the time... sorry about that.
You see, the thing is, when you have a big camera.. 
you just don't get pictures of yourself very often.
And Jessica is always my greatest model :)
So thus, again, here are some of the latest.

Opening birthday presents at her cutie little apartment.

Christmas pictures last week. Ohhhhh joy :)

Could they be any more cute? I don't believe so. 
So, two things. 
One: Thursdays are wonderful. 
Temple at 5. Alone time to read for a half hour. 
And because I'm the first one there.....
I always get to do extra baptisms.
Today it was 17. 
For those of you not from Provo, that's alot.
Normally they run on average from 3-5 baptisms per person because it's so busy.
Also, I learned something yesterday.
justification doesn't feel good 
so I decided over Thanksgiving that I didn't want to eat sweets until Christmas.
I just felt so gross from the weekend. Does everybody get like that?
Well, anyways, I've been doing great. But the past 24 hours... not as much.
First, my roommates were all going out to ice cream last night.
They wanted me to come. And you know how it is...
"Are you coming?... come on, please?" Yes? Ok.
It took them a minute, but I told them I would go if we went to Coldstone.
They have sugarfree fat free ice cream. And really, I like it :)
Then I got mix-ins... and a cone.... so, really?
it totally classified as a sweet.
Then today, I went to "Bread and Jam"
[an event put on for Campus Life students to mingle with faculty]
and ate breads that were more like sweets...
really though, the words cinnamon, pumpkin, and peach cobbler come to mind.
i cheated. 
and it doesn't matter that I went to the gym this morning, or that I'll go tomorrow.
i still cheated.
it doesn't matter what it is, big or small, it doesn't feel good to cheat.
but it is good to know that tomorrow morning I can start over.
Just because you mess up and fall off for a second doesn't ruin everything.
As long as you don't give up.
So tomorrow? No sweets.
I really don't have that long until Christmas...

"Nothing can prevent your picture from coming into concrete form except the same
power which gave it birth-yourself" -Genevieve Behrend

whatever it is you're doing, do it.
and try not to justify... because guess what?
it's not worth it.
and take some chances sometimes.
Make some goals.
Map out some dreams.
Do something with life, its flying.

1 comment:

Steve and Jess said...

Oh how I love you! I'm sorry about falling off the wagon...hey it happens to the best of us! You're a better woman then I am, I don't cut sweets out of my diet OR go to the gym :)

You're my hero!

Love you!