He is risen

I think as a person develops faith and testimony, there are certain things you just love.
They are what, when you strip it down to the basics...
they, these parts of your faith, these pieces of your testimony,
are what remain to keep you planted on solid ground.
They are the things that help you remember what you already knew.
Like who you are or why you're here, or why you do the things you do.
They are the things you love to ponder, and love to study.
They are the things you know with assurance.
Without a shadow of a doubt-
they are true.

Mine is Christ.
I bear testimony to you of his reality.
I know He lives, I know he walked the Earth.
I know He loved the widow of Nain.
And Mary.
And me.
Little me.

He is the reason I am. He knows me and loves me.
He is the reason I can. He is my hope for a better world, and a better future.
He is my truth and my light. He is alive. He is risen.

It is simple, this testimony of mine, but it is true.
Happy Easter, world.