A typical Saturday

Saturday morning I heard my phone go off at 9:06.
Oh my gosh.
The text message read "ding dong".
I had, naturally, fallen asleep on the couch.
in my clothes.
and boy was here to make breakfast before he went back to Wisconsin.
Too late to even scramble. I rushed to my door in...
would you know it?
My nineties outfit from the party the night before-
I wasn't even in normal clothes!
Thank heavens for sweet souls who let you go change while they make breakfast.
And seriously, best breakfast ever.





I thought it was a great way to kick off finals week ;)


Lindsey said...

hhmmmm. and where is picture of said boy. awfully suspicious, miss tay.

kylee said...

i'm with lindsey. i want to know who this boy is!

Katie Marie said...

Ummmm...."boy"??? YAY! :) [I may totally be behind on the times here, but it's hard to keep up these days!] Also, thats super adorable he made you breakfast. Sounds like a keeper :)

Jessica Holly said...

There are always many boys. Most of which are only good for breakfast :)