oh heyyyy there!

I thought I probably owed you all a photo-montage of spring.
Life here is always happy during spring, and rain never lasts long.
Long enough to curl up and read a book...maybe enjoy some hot chocolate...
Then the sun comes out and you can ride your bike to school and just sit and bask in sunshine.
New sunshine, warm sunshine- not hot sunshine.
Fountains glimmer and frozen treats come to play.

This spring I've especially loved the freedom of it all.
Having everything to do all the time, but choosing whether or not you want to do anything at all.
Realizing that you are secretly 17 at heart when you buy multi-colored pens to stock up for back to school.
Getting large groups of people to go with you everywhere... even if it is just the gym.
Sitting in an empty library to study while you wait for your next class.
Eating dinner together on your bedroom floor... because you can.
Going to weeknight, latenight dinner with the boys just for fun.
Riding in the beds of trucks and on the back of motorcycles.
Receiving a new "spanish name". alter-ego anyone?


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