thanksgiving time

currently loving:
-being with adults.
-being with little kids.

-back in the mountains.
-snow and California all at the same time.
-the brush and rugged look of the country here. 
-Grandma's house, and the window seat in the pink room.
-horses. Riding, Loving, or looking at them. 
-green grass and trees, especially in the winter.
-early morning gym sessions with dad and Zane. 
-talks to and from the gym with dad and Zane.
-trying on mom's old dresses (how was she so tiny??)
-a house. a full sized kitchen...living room...& bedroom...
-getting excited for the new house with my mom.  

 Flocks of turkeys on your way to Thanksgiving dinner.
 Wood Stacks.
 Grandma's house.
 The way we all feel after Thanksgiving dinner around here.
 Wood Burning Stoves.
 Lolo's true love.
Prizes that never stay on display.
The only picture of hundreds with me in it.
 The cute kind of boys.
 Horses that are cuddly.
 Broncs that let me braid their hair.
And making fingers the way fingers are meant be.

I hope your Thanksgiving was as wonderful as mine.


Katie Marie said...

you have a blog? yay! i love blogs. and i love your photos! it makes me want to visit your home :)

Steve and Jess said...


TaylorAnn said...

Katie: thanks! you girls can come visit anytime. but really, if you're ever in California... ps let's get that sleepover in the works.

Jess: You're the one who went off and got married on me. We get you for Christmas... that's what counts ;)