A Few things...

So, sometimes I cut like 4 inches off my hair and you can barely tell.

case in point.

Second, I want to vent for a second about how much I love Brooke.
But really.
She gave me a care package before I came back to Provo from home.
What was in it? These are a few of the things, nametags included.

Those are just part of it.
So cool, right? My personal favorite....
bag of truffles: "eat right...just kidding!"

This one goes out to Brooke. 
Who writes on my arms during church, and sings Justin Beiber with me.
Favorite thing she wrote last week:
"You're really white, but your teeth are really white too, so don't worry about it"

Thank you Brooke, for being the coolest person ever.
Keep that spunk under control ;)


Steve and Jess said...

Oh how I love that girl!

Krewson Family said...

haha oh got to love the little sisters! :) that is the best care package ever! I could get through the next 2 weeks and finals with love and labels like that.