Love and Day One of Thanksgiving Break

So for the LOVE part of this post.
I recently have had opportunity to attend both a baby shower 
and a bridal shower for my sister's friends Erin and Caroline, respectively.

Both were wonderful.

Erin's Baby Shower...

So darling huh?

 Then one time I went to Bijou Market, and got some great craft ideas!
 And made my own card from scrap material and a sewing machine. 
So easy, and looks crafty which is fun :)

Then came Caroline's Bridal Shower...

How darling are they?
I'm pretty positive that they made anyone there who was single (there wasn't many of us...)
want to be in love. They are literally the most darling couple.
She was just glowing all night.

So day 1 back at home was.... well, home. 
I ran errands with my mom all day, got a haircut, enjoyed the mountains. 

Happy Thanksgiving everyone :)

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