Winnemucca and so much more

The Fall Colors are out and I'm loving everything. 

Thursday Night i didn't get home from school until 6:30 or so. Long day.
Jess called and came straight to my room.
She stood at my doorway with



And a rose.

And stated simply,
"I hear it's a two cupcake kind of week"

Indeed it was.
We went to Thai Ruby.
My treat.
What would I do without her?

Friday was... wonderful....
for many reasons.
But mostly because we headed off to Winnemucca.
What in the World is in Winnemucca you may ask??
The NSPRA end of the year rodeo finals!
Some of you may still be wondering...
So... I have this dad that's just, well, way too cool.
He competes in rodeo.
I like to support him :)

And plus I got to hang out with the kind of boys I like...

the dedicated kind...

...the innocent kind

the kind who have smiley eyes

and love our country
...the kind that know how to put on work gloves.

and use them...

And did I mention I got to hang out with my favorite kind of Girls too?

the kind who are willing to drive the whole way so the lovebirds can nap in the back seat

and the kind who aren't afraid to be themselves.
(and did I mention beautiful?)

Mostly I love my family.
It was so good to be reunited, even if it was only two days.

And a shout out to my daddy.
who couldn't possibly be more awesome.
Way to win 5 buckles and a saddle in one weekend.

Love, A Cowboy's Daughter


Leslie said...

I love that you're dad is a cowboy! that is so awesome. also, you're blog is adorable!


Phillip and Katrina said...

love it!!!!

Katelyn Johnson said...

i love it! you've inspired me taylor! :)