Happy New Year!

So Coarsegold has a thrift store.....that I happen to love. 
For many many reasons.
One of those being that sometimes [well...oftentimes]
i find little treasures like this one!

A jewelry box... one that needs a little work, yes. 
But I thought it was darling regardless :)

This was my work station in the garage.
Heater. Lamp. Lots of sandpaper.

This is what the inside corners looked like.
A little scary? Yes. 

So there was a lot of work to be done, and I set about doing it.
Antique-ing? [that part I had never done.. so I winged it]
I worked with what I had at home, 
because remember? I was only home for 4 days really.
that meant pink and silver paint 
[can you tell we have a household of girls?]
and pictures. oh, of course the pictures. 

And these are the finished product:

It was a gift for Aspen.
My longest lasting, absolutely wonderful friend.
All the things inside are either pictures of us, 
or postcards she sent to me in 4th grade or the like. 
It's silly, but I had fun doing it.
Hope you're already having a Happy New Year.
More crafts and cruise adventures to come :)


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Phillip and Katrina said...

girl that is super cute! good job refurbishing, you've inspired me :)