because I can never actually finish a blog post...

March 22
I have a boy. Asleep on my couch right now.
And I'm listening to the Hunger Games soundtrack,
while I mentally prepare for my test? No. For the hunger games premiere.

Can I please get through my last midterm tomorrow? Please?

Fast forward 24 hours.

March 23
Now, I'm running on 3 ish hours of sleep and am struggling to keep my eyes propped open while studying.
Rough. But worth it.
I'm in love with Peeta, as is every girl on this dang planet.
Gale- so attracted to him. But guess what? He just doesn't love her like Peeta.
So, it doesn't matter that he wins in the looks department.

March 24
Late night again.
Got home from the test around 8pm.
Danced on chairs and blasted music while hanging streamers.
Threw a surprise birthday party for my cutie engaged roommate.
Went to Traditions Ball [yeah...total success. so happy]
Gave away a birthday kiss on the cheek.
And now? I will call it a night.
And put off cleaning up this streamer-filled living room of mine.



Jessica Holly said...

which boy was asleep on your couch I wonder??? Sketchy....

Shaylynn... I BLAHWG. said...

The hunger games soundtrack is brilliant. brilliant.