do you know what i do all the time?

College was really hard, emotionally, my first year.
I was used to things falling into my lap, and people knowing my name
[not to mention the two generations before me]

and I came here and I couldn't play an instrument.

I mean that wasn't all, but it personifies my problem.
Everyone seemed to be good at things that I wasn't...
and I forgot that I was good at anything at all.

Then I found something outside of myself.
I got involved in a campus organization.
I started doing things that weren't about me.
I loved it, and I felt important and needed.

I've found something every semester since to  do that for me.
That makes it all sound selfish, but maybe it is?

Right now, I'm a Vice President over with Student Alumni.
Oh wait? You don't know what that is? Never fear. I'll tell you.

Student Alumni is connected with the term "Cougars today, cougars forever" and that's our goal. I mean, what's the point of going to a University you don't love and want to be a sweet alumni that reps their college shirt on gameday forever?
I seriously don't know.

We [meaning myself and the other officers and volunteers, whom I adore...] get to help students feel the spirit of the Y by hosting Tradition and Professional Development events. I get to do the Traditions events.....which are awesome, fyi. Traditions Ball, Hike and Light the Y, Food Drive, Senior Celebration, etc. Yeah...sweet.

Oh wait? I forgot to explain the spirit of the Y? If you've gone to BYU, and I mean really gone to BYU [not just gone through the motions of going to classes... you get out what you put in, y'all] you will know. There's just something about it here. Regardless of sports, or physical attractiveness of our facilities [which are often lacking], or prestige of our programs.... there's just a special spirit here. If you let yourself stop stressing about school or boys or how fat you feel in those pants for just a second, you'll feel it. Take out your headphones. Look up, remember? It's better to look up. And that's one of my favorite reasons to look up. To feel that spirit of the Y.

Anyways, all this means that 1. I'm advocating another cause bigger than me, probably for selfish reasons like keeping my sanity 2. I get to spend much of my time in the most beautiful building on campus named after my childhood prophet [Hinckley Center] 3. I get to help plan awesome events and meet even more awesome volunteers. let's be real, they make my job easy.

Just thought I'd let you know about what takes up a large chunk of my time.
Oh wait? You want to go to our website? I'll help you. Click here.
While you're there you want to register for Traditions Ball? Even better.

Just teasing you. But really.

Love Always,
Taylor Ann


Jessica Holly said...

Just so you know, I tagged you!

CHO said...

Do you work with Julie Hatchett?? I love her!! When I was a BYUSA officer I worked with her. <3 (I'm pretty sure she's still with Student Alumni...?)

Paige Andy said...

This is so awesome, and I'm wholeheartedly in agreement. I'm only a freshman, but I can already tell what a special place the Y is. Thanks for all you do for us and the school!!