Sometimes when I have bad days
[because, hello, they just happen...] 
I whip these out and remember that
even though some people aren't always wonderful,
and even though sometimes I'm dumb,
I know some real keepers.

"oh, she beautiful!" [insert heavy chinese accent here]
"Yeah, I sure think so" [good response homeboy, #winning]

"miss you
your such a champ you practically redefine the word"

"you are the most substantial human being i know
and you are the real deal"

"Oh I see, kind of like the way you're an enormously high powered super-magnet for precious boys because you yourself are ultimately the most precious person on the face of the earth"
"maybe we won't end up as old maids after all, because I'm pretty certain we are more than just decently attractive... ;)"

Bad days can end good.
Just make them


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Monica said...

oh hey...I love you!