Because my dad thinks my blog is deep....

Today we had an interesting discussion in our Doctrine and Covenants class
[for those not familiar with Mormon lingo... it's a religion class]

God uses an interesting phrase in the passage we were discussing: "it mattereth not to me"
Oh, if I had only learned this concept long before I did.
I think sometimes we want direct guidance.
Shoot, I want it all the time.

[pick this major]
[date this person]
[marry this person *fireworks. duh*]
[do this internship]
[take this job]
[live in this place]

yeah, I'm a big fan of involving God in your decisions, don't get me wrong there...
but He also loves us and sometimes, if it "matters not" to him, he wants us to choose whatever makes us happy.
He will not direct our every paths. 

so if it seems right, and feels right.
and you are using your judgement
and you go about it all with a thankful heart....

make a decision. and do what makes you happy.
sometimes it's ok to receive the absence of an answer.

And now, I will attach an absolutely fabulous old favorite.
Because you will love it.
And if not-listen again.
Then reconsider our friendship.

Love Always,
And learning how to make decisions,
Taylor Ann


kylee said...

i love this post. i love it because i feel like too often we think that our big life decisions will be preceded with a major ah-ha-this-is-it-fireworks-sirens-the-party-of-the-year kind of experience. most of the time i think it's just the opposite. i know a lot of people think and wish for the idea of soul mates that are pre-chosen but i think the way it really happens is so much better. it's just how the lord would want it to be. we get to choose! we have our agency! we get to feel love for someone, choose to be with them and then ask if the lord approves. it's such a wonderful concept to me.

Lindsey said...

Amen. Great post.

Susan said...

Love this! :)