"Boys, boys, boys"

 Last night I had a guy friend on my couch,
who is somehow always made aware [whether by me or my roommates] of my boy situations.
So all of a sudden he puts this song on with no comment except "this one's for you"
Start around 30 seconds if I remember correctly..

Yeahwhat? We may have all burst into uncontrollable laughter.
"I'm a playa in every sense of the word, ya heard?"

I'm not really sure that I've listened to the song all the way through....
Nor am I aware if it is "clean" quote on quote, so just be aware.

Then I get to thinkin, that's not really true, is it?
And to my remembrance came these gems:

"I'm scared of girls, because I was raised around you." -Bub

"Tay, these remind me of you..." -Brooke [see below]

"boys, boys, boys" -Lady Gaga
"Oo, boy, open your eyes, a girl like me ain't waitin' all night...I got that honey, that sugar, that spice..." -Chiddy Bang

And my other sister deemed this my line when she first introduced me to Adele:

"There's no room in my bed as far as I'm concerned so wipe that dirty smile off please" -Adele

Maybe I'm a bit of a sass.
I probably need to work on these things.
I probably won't..

Nor will I post this on my facebook.
Welcome to my online journal people,
where I apparently share with you my faults.
Glad we've reached this point.

Love Always, Taylor Ann

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Monica said...

haha I've totally heard this song before. You gotta admit...it's catchy. You are a strong, independent woman. I fail to see how this is a fault.