the "fun" ones

When you grow up in a church community, you get invited to everybody's bridal shower.
(and birthday party, and wedding reception, and baby shower too for that matter)
Because of this, I've been to my share... and more as I get older.
And many of them (think back on the church community feel), have been attended with my mother.
My mom is always the fun one. Always has been, always will be.
She's the fun sister, the fun mom, the fun aunt.. just trust me she's always down to party.
So when it comes to bridal showers she (naturally) always is the fun gift giver.
(...because what fun is a bridal shower if the bride doesn't blush as deep as the little pink gift bag she's delving into....right?)
So, mom, I am proud to say... I have become the fun gift giver.
On that subject, Saturday night we hosted a bridal shower!

For the future Mrs. Morgan Frei

And to make it more fun, the cute bride is gluten free, 
so we had a little challenge on our hands :)
But who doesn't LOVE a challenge?
 when you're in college, you just make it happen! 
so we made the cake in a pie pan.
went swimmingly if I do say so myself.
 Chex mix (always a hit) courtesy of Mama Veater.
Caramel Corn from Our Best Bites.
[double on the caramel please!]
 Gift Tables with lace
 Macaroons from Lindsay Rae.
And gluten free Betty Crocker cake mix
[With Miss Lizzy's white chocolate cream cheese frosting...divine!]

Oh, and.....
[Remember the blushing and pink bag I mentioned earlier?]
Nailed it.

Other fun things this weekend?
making pizza.... an "earth" pizza
fitting for the rapture, no?
kickball (and battle wounds to prove it)
mini golf. 
classic chick flicks.

The grass is green on my side of the fence.

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Jenny Thorup said...

Yay! This is so fun for Morgan. Thanks for putting the recipes up because my brother is getting married this up coming August and his cute bride-to-be is also Gluten free! Love ya