on feathers and such.

1. Blogger is having serious issues. 

2. On that note, it permanently deleted my post that included....
[by permanent, I mean it may magically reappear....but it's been gone fore a while]

my feather.
mostly, it's lime green. 
and glowed in the blacklights at the dance party we attended last night. 
it's fun, and i'm enjoying it :)

today I got another haircut. shorter this time [although you may not be able to tell]
I keep getting more bold, at this pace it's gonna be gone before we know it.
I just think it's fun to play with that's all. 
And I can. So why not?

From me, loving life.



Katie Marie said...

yer cute.

Jenny Thorup said...

Thanks for checking out my blog! Now I know you have one as well, and I can't wait to follow it! You are the absolute cutest. Love you to life!