More spring adventures.

That, down there, is what my fridge looked like at the beginning of this week.
And that is pathetic.
so pathetic that it's blog worthy.
[please note that none of that is edible food...thanks]
Never fear, mom! I went and got real food :)
in other, less pathetic realms of my life..... 
Every afternoon this week has been spent outdoors.

Even though outdoors means "The Reluctant Mr Darwin"...
which wasn't exactly on the summer book list if you know what I mean.

But there's fun things too I promise.

like re-creating canon center meals. 
with chicken cordon bleu, frozen vegetables, and waffles. 
all the reasons for the freshman 15, together on one plate.
isn't it beautiful?

and cookie parties with really cool english people... and people going to England.
and engagement ring cookies to match. 
or as it was so lovingly called in class today...

And crafts!
like an earring holder with a finger-painted DI frame.

and experimenting with new hairstyles.

and going to the temple that I love so much.

and sitting on the benches outside the temple. 
soaking up sunshine and the general splendor.

and finally, we come to the reason for the current, crimson nature of my back
the roof..... ;)
with it's privacy and girltalk and... proximity to the sun?

Just some more reasons I love spring semester, that's all.

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kylie said...

i love everything about this post. everything. and i love you. :)