hi, i'm impulsive.

 So, my roommate and I have a summer goal list.
On it, as you can see, is listed "BE IMPULSIVE"
the rest are... in progress 
(to be blogged about later....for the most part)

Sooooo... let me tell you a quick story.
Thursday morning my only class was cancelled. 
So I set no alarm, woke up, read for a while,
studied a little bit. 
Then realized, if I'm going to do this for the next four days....
I would much rather do it at home. 
So I hastily packed bags, threw my camera gear and blankets in the car.
Went to a review at 5pm, took a test until 7pm.
Then left.
Just like that.

 This is my I'm feeling so good about leaving face.
(I don't think it was looking quite so lively while driving at 4am but that's a different story...)

So here's a few instagrams from the drive. 
Or at least the half of the drive done in the daylight...
 Finally back in California.
Back to my kind of mountains.
 Long road ahead.
and wow, it looks like I'm off the road... weird. 
Promise I wasn't if that's any consolation.
haven't been up for that in a while.
 Back to the valley, with fields as far as the eye can see
 Windows down and feelin good after the nearly-all-nighter.
 good old barns in the red, white, and blue fashion.
 and the casino....
ohhhh the casino.
 Still running on 3 hours of sleep, 
but high on love.... and a runners high too!
and of course being back home means having Jess back.
platforms and boots.
vanilla and chocolate.
marilyn monroe and audrey hepburn.
sweet and salty.
stringy and stalky. 
if only for a moment.
thank the good heavens.

Be impulsive ?
(oh, and take a roadtrip too...)


The Mister and The Missus said...

You are so cute. period.

Phillip and Katrina said...

Thanks for posting those road trip pictures! I haven't made that drive in a while and brought back some serious memories.....someday i'll make it back.