home loving and a happy memorial day

So Saturday I may or may not have had a quarter-life crisis.
It lasted less than an hour (they always do around here...)
And we were off to the races.
By the races I mean retail therapy.
I mean, I think it was already planned by my cute mother...
(I mean, you don't shop while you're at college.... so when you come home...it happens)
but shop we did, and cute they (our purchased items) are.

Sunday was better, as Sundays always are.
Memorial Day in a home ward is so different than a college ward could ever be.
The veterans stood up and were recognized... two of them spoke.
They spoke of real things.
One spoke of how the gospel has helped him,
the other recognized all of those who defend us.
Of all the millions upon millions of people who have lived on this earth.
How lucky we are to be the small fraction of those...
who live in a free country
at a time when we have every opportunity

another favorite part of home is daddy's Sunday school class.
he's my favorite teacher ever, and not because he's my daddy.
we just speak the same language, you know?
we talked about scriptural military heroes.
Moroni of course...

Other things I'm loving about being home??

dad's old rodeo t-shirts

and puppy love.

With Captain Moroni, dad, and these little guys in my life, 
how could I ever need anyone else?

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