on hearts and choices

Sometimes people hurt your heart. Some people even break it.
Friends, role models, loves.
Lots of people really.

And you know what? you're going to be ok.
Because all things must fail, but charity,
Which is the pure love of Christ, never faileth.
He will never leave you, nor will his love.
Never is the strong kind of word that I love.

I never have to be sad for long.
Someday I will get married, and I will never have to give him up.
When I have children, I will never stop loving them.
I never have to stop learning.
I never have to stop growing.
My world never has to stop expanding.

Most nevers, you see, are choices.
Most everything is a choice actually.
So make yours.
And if your heart hurts, never let it stay that way.
And if you are unhappy, choose something else.
Choose who you want to be, and be just that.

Today I am happy.
I made my choice a long time ago.