movies, shoes, friends....perfect day? pretty close.

Can we all please ponder for a moment on the fact that my mom is 
pictured below is a small reason for this cool factor.

here's the reasoning for her coolness [in this case]
1. she buys me shoes.
2. she's got great taste
3. not just "mom" great taste...bold, wonderful, any-age type of great taste.
[let us all ignore that some of her great taste has obviously surpassed me as I am wearing a bleach-stained sweatshirt, black jeans, and blue flip flops....]

Second, last night we went to see Thor. 
Well, let me preface this.
In the afternoon I got a text message that said something about hot, shirtless, Australian men from another planet at 9:40pm. I don't know about you, but it somehow caught my attention ;)
I just had to attend.
And honestly, I thought it was great! Entertaining, and I didn't always know what was coming... especially the end, which I was semi-peeved about... but we'll save that for later. Gotta love sequels. Natalie Portman is darling and Chris Hemsworth... don't get me started. I'm no fan of long hair or the whole mountain-man facial hair thing.... but I was just fine to watch him for an hour and a half on the big screen. Just fine. But back to the movie critique up there, just a disclaimer, I'm pretty easy to please. As long as a movie is entertaining and not sleazy, I'm a happy camper.
So take my raving reviews with a grain of salt if you will.

So moral of the story [or of all the stories]:
I just may have a celebrity crush.
I love shoes... but that's not really any revelation
& apparently I love ellipses...


paige brunt said...

okay, really, don't tell my husband this... but i LOVED thor. the show, and the man. he was totally sexy.

Kelsey and Covey said...

Love those shoes girl! glad you had such a fun day:)