some simple addition.

Ok, yesterday was a little crazy.
Kathryn's birthday + girltalk breakfast with kels + two finals +4 episodes of vampire diaries = I'MNUTS.

[Oh, did I mention there was an elf in there somewhere yesterday?]

But heyyy it's all good.
Because you guys are all rockin the greasy hairstyles with me.
[or rather hidethegreasy hairstyles]
I'm featured talking about Christmas over here today.
Poly.sci.is.OVER.  best.day.ever.
And in about an hour, my study guide will be done for final #4 :)

one final today
one final tomorrow, then...

there is light at the end of the tunnel.

Love Always,
Taylor Ann

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Emma Frances said...

I loved your post about Christmas over on Elisabeth's blog!! :] And this picture is awesome!!