Off bloggy-hiatus with a little surprise!

Here's how I described my feelings toward hair to my roommate once. 
"I try to send it in the right direction, then let it do whatever it wants"
So sometimes it gets a little crazy.. I've just never been really stressed about it.
My theory is that hair grows back and can be dyed back.
So I went in to get my hair done yesterday. Yep. Sure did.
And you know, I couldn't decide what I wanted to do. 
My hairdresser and I decided a perm would end up too 80s-esque if we were being realistic...
but I was stir crazy.
She mentioned I was a little washed out. 
I agreed. 
I mentioned I needed a little something spunky. 
She agreed. 
I told her she could have her creative license on me. 
And off she went.


 Last time I went in for a change, I cut off fifteen inches.
This time, I put in some blonde. 
Anybody else feeling spontaneous these days?
I sure am. 
Who knows what's gotten into me.

You know, I hear blondes have more fun.. shall we half-test the theory?
After all, I'm only half blonde.

Let's not get too crazy.

Love You Always, 
& glad to be back
Taylor Ann

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