a little thrifting + playing mom

Today I am playing mom while my parents take a  little long weekend? midweek adventure? idk... they're off having fun somewhere. I started off by having a dysfunctional phone type of morning and having none of my 3 alarms go off.... the kids were an hour late... but I made up for it by bringing the littlest sunshine subway for lunch and calling the office for brother. 

The rest of the day consisted of thrift shopping for jars for gifts... which i will just have to show you at a later date, but finding a gem of a dress. I mean, look at that thing. I'm serious, Village Thrift has it going on. I almost never walk out of there empty handed.

Anywhoo, I am finally feeling a little better. Maybe I willed it to be that way because I am not
 willing to be sick on Christmas. No way in the world. So I ran today, went to see the progress on the house, read a book, and made some crafts. Being a mom is so productive.



Now to find an excuse to wear that dress [that is not currently in my possession, but probably was purchased and will be under the tree..] and use that new perfume sample that I'm loooving, and sit by the Christmas tree, and not even attempt to wipe the permasmile off my face from being home.

Love You Always,
Taylor Ann

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Jessica Holly said...

I think I might cry. Missing you. Most acutely.