i'm dying here....

I'm sorry.
Well, only kinda.

You see, I always seem to come down with a cold as soon as I get home.
It makes me think that my body holds off until finals are over because it knows..... NOT YET.
Then, BAM.
It crashes.

This year, you see.
It's pretty bad.
I was hoping to sleep and take vitamins and watch my symptoms float away....
but not so.

This dang thing isn't the kind of cold where you can
take vitamins,
drink hot chocolate,
read a book,
and ride it out.
It's more like the
mouth open to breath,
sneeze a million times during church,
drug yourself up,
coughing fits,
and don't listen to your music too loud because of that headache...
type of thing, you know?


at least I have homeboy to keep me company while I ride this out...

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kylee said...

ahh so sorry you're sick! especially with the holiday coming up! sure hope you snap out of it asap.